App-Based House Calls Now Available Nationally

Opear MD expands at-home medical care across the U.S.

Opear MD Expands House Calls Nationally

Opear MD, an app-based house call and telehealth platform, has expanded its services to include national house calls, additional medical specialties, and enhanced search customization.

In addition to telemedicine exams, patients may now access Opear's network of house call providers anywhere in the United States. Telemedicine exams are available for $75, while a $225 house call is inclusive of a telemedicine prescreen followed by a home visit. Additionally, Opear has partnered with NuRide Transportation Group to offer medical rideshare for New York-based patients.

In addition to national house calls, Opear has launched a beta to expand its breadth of medical services. In addition to non-emergency medicine, patients will be able to access a curated selection of providers offering mental and behavioral health, chiropractic, physical therapy, wholistic medicine, and preventative wellness services. 

Lastly, Opear has announced enhanced customization of search including the ability to search for providers by name, speciality, or language. These new capabilities will better serve patients' needs by enabling ongoing provider-patient relationships and improved communication and care. 

Language expansion in particular will bring much-needed fee-for-service care to those who need it; in the United States, Hispanic and Latino individuals are among the most likely to be uninsured or underinsured due to not just language barriers, but lower rates of job-based insurance and immigration rules that have prevented recent and undocumented immigrants from enrolling in public plans. (DeNavas-Walt et al. 2013; Goldman, Smith, and Sood 2005). 

Opear MD's apps ("Opear" and "Opear for Providers") enable patients to request house calls or telehealth appoints on-demand or in advance with a subscription pricing model. Rather than pairing a patient and provider randomly, as is the industry standard, Opear bridges the gap between digital and in-person care by allowing patients to choose their own provider. 

The 'Opear' and 'Opear for Providers' apps are available for free download for iOS and Android.

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Opear MD is a membership-based app for remote digital healthcare. Bridging the gap between online and in-person care, Opear allows patients to select their own provider for in-home or video exams, medical transportation, and prescription-writing needs. Since its launch in August 2019, Opear has expanded from serving New York State to families across the country.

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