Hospitality WiFi Chosen as HSIA Provider for LATAM Luxury Hotel Group

Real Hotels and Resorts group selects Hospitality WiFi to meet new IHG HSIA standards and provide ongoing support

Hospitality WiFi

Hospitality WiFi, a leading provider of wireless services for hospitality properties currently serving hotels in the U.S. and 14 other countries, today announced its selection as the HSIA provider for a group of luxury hotels under the IHG flag in several Latin American countries. Real Hotels and Resorts group, slated to open a new property in Santo Domingo, chose this time to launch the updated HSIA solution across all of their properties.

Among the challenges faced by Real Hotels and Resorts was that there were as yet no IHG-certified HSIA partners for LATAM. Orlando Urbina, the corporate IT manager for the group, needed a partner with the expertise not only to handle the supply and installation of the standards-based solution but also to provide Real Hotels and Resorts with support and a help desk for their guests for many years to come.

Urbina says, “We knew the No. 1 approved HSIA partner for IHG in the USA was (and still is) Hospitality WiFi, so we approached CEO Jason Szuch, who said he could do it without hesitation. Right there, we knew we had found our partner, not only for Santo Domingo but for the rest of our properties in the region as well.”

Per the IHG standard, all of the hotels had to be fitted and licensed with only Cisco Meraki hardware, including gateway, switches and access points. Costs were a challenge, and the need to buy across multiple different countries in the region had the potential to make this even worse. Hospitality WiFi was able to supply Urbina with a simple price list that he could apply to every hotel, no matter where it was located, not only simplifying the whole process but also saving the group at least $300,000 once all properties were fitted with the new solution.

On the technical side, the group needed their HSIA partner to understand all of the intricacies of the Meraki hardware and be able to set it up according to the standard, as well as to provide guest support for the solution and maintain updates (such as firmware) to keep the solution working throughout its lifetime. Since Hospitality WiFi has extensive experience with the overall IHG Connect process, including the installation of Cisco Meraki equipment, and is one of only two Meraki Hospitality Partners that have a CMNP certification, they were able to handle the needs of Real Hotels and Resorts, helping them comply with the brand standard, saving them money, improving their HSIA scores and keeping their guests happy.

Jason Szuch, CEO of Hospitality WiFi, said, “We’re proud to provide the HSIA solution and support for Real Hotels and Resorts. Hospitality WiFi is confident that this project will demonstrate our ability to provide top-notch WiFi in Latin America. We understand that a luxury hotel experience requires great guest WiFi and support, and we take seriously our responsibility to make their guests happy and keep them coming back.”

Urbina added, “I can’t reiterate enough that working with Hospitality WiFi was pretty simple. They took care of the whole deployment from A to Z and saved us a lot of money in the process.”

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