Hospitality WiFi Developing Hotspot 2.0 Solution

Solution is based on the Hotspot 2.0 specification and improves security while simplifying guest logins

Hospitality WiFi, a leading provider of wireless services for hospitality properties, today announced ongoing development of a Hotspot 2.0 solution designed for hospitality properties.

The new solution is software-based and follows the Hotspot 2.0 specification, also known as Passpoint Release 2. It builds on the company's existing Remember Me solution to enable easier logins with improved security. With the proper certificates, guest devices can automatically connect to the correct guest WiFi network at any Hospitality WiFi Hotspot 2.0-enabled property using a 1:1 connection with enterprise-grade WPA2 encryption, ensuring that guests connect to a legitimate network and that rogue devices cannot intercept communications. Roaming is handled automatically, much like on cellular networks, making the guest experience more consistent as guests move throughout the property. The solution will be marketed at the corporate level to hotel brands seeking a white-label solution.

"We're excited to develop this new solution to make it easier and more secure for guests to use WiFi when they stay at hotels," said Jason Szuch, President of Hospitality WiFi. "We know that login difficulties can yield complaints and headaches for staff, and guests are asking for increased security, encryption, and easier ways to log in. So we've invested our time during the pandemic to develop a standards-based solution for hotel brands that automates the process and incorporates improved security measures, making both guests and staff happier."

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