Help the Disabled and Infirm Through Ambulance Service in Houston

Look for non-emergency ambulance service in Houston to help the disabled and infirm patients.

While certain cases like heart attack, a gunshot wound, stroke, car accident, or other injuries require emergency transport, non-emergency transport precisely occurs at the time of transporting a patient from one place to another without speeding, lights, and sirens. In the previous case, timing is an important factor, while the second case has hardly anything to do with time and all. Amera Solutions is one such company that specializes in arranging services for the disabled and infirm patient.

Since the establishment of the company, they have been providing local and long distance medical transportation services at affordable cost. At Amera, the experts are fully trained and licensed to provide the service. Depending on the location and condition of the patients, they cater to services required. With years of experience, they work with all major insurance providers. The type of service includes ambulance/stretcher services, wheelchair van, shuttle bus and sedan with attendants, air ambulance, hospital patient transport, transportation for handicapped in Dallas and more.

As per the latest research, the greatest demographics affected by limited transportation are senior citizens and disabled. These demographics are likely to increase exponentially in the next 20 years. Considering this, the company is working judiciously to produce more and more reliable patient transport for senior citizens and disabled. Being in the industry for years, the agency has managed to build a reputation among the folks. Their basic goal is to meet this increased need, establishing dispatch service centers throughout the United States.

They are dedicated to serving both health care providers and the patients who require the service to get transported to the hospital or clinics. As one of the premier agency, Amera is delighted to bring the patients the latest medical transport system at low cost.

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About the Company
At Amera, they know that providing medical transportation in Houston, TX, is living proof that necessity is truly the mother of invention. This company is the realization of the dream of a successful CFO with an expertise in strategic and project management.

Source: Amera Medical Transportation Solutions