Seek Ambulance Services in Austin and San Antonio, TX Instantly

For those patients and disabled, medical transportation is one such solution that helps them take from one place to another.

​It is important to keep contacts with ambulance service for no one knows when a situation would arise when one will have to call for immediate or drastic medical responses. Any delay in calling for the service may further worsen the conditions. This is why ambulance service is so crucial in every society, in saving lives and preventing occurrences of irreversible medical complications. Amera Medical Transportation Solutions is one such company that provides hospital patients and disabled with medical transportation in Austin and San Antonio.

By fulfilling a desperate need for reliable patient transport, Amera quickly developed a reputation for affordable transportation need. From humble beginnings, they have grown and continued to grow to meet the ever-increasing need for affordable patient transport. They maintain a fully-coordinated one-point center and work with all major insurance providers including Medicare and Medicaid to provide quick ambulance services, wheelchair van, shuttle bus, sedan, for both local and long distance needs.

As per the latest research, the greatest demographics affected by limited transportation are senior citizens and the disabled. These demographics are likely to increase in the next 20 years. Amera Medical Transportation Solutions is fully equipped to provide constant patient transport for senior citizens and the disabled.

They offer the following local and long distance medical transportation services throughout Houston, Spring, Cypress, Pearland, League, City, Katy, Kingwood, Conroe, Pasadena, Humble, Baytown, Missouri City, LA Porte, and additional areas in Dallas, and San Antonio, Texas.

They provide the services to cater to following medical needs including day surgery, doctors appointment, orthopedic clinic, therapy/rehab treatment, medical research study, workers comp, dialysis, chemotherapy, radiation treatment, pharmacy, diagnostic, dentist, adult day care, nursing home, hospital and more.

To learn more about ambulance services in Austin and San Antonio, TX, visit or call 281-872-6400 or 855-263-7215.

About the Company:

At Amera, the experts know that providing medical transportation in Houston, TX, is living proof that necessity is truly the mother of invention. This company is the realization of the dream of a successful CFO with an expertise in strategic and project management.

Source: Amera Medical Transprotation Solutions