Non-Emergency Transportation in Austin is Now Just a Phone Call Away

If you are looking for non-emergency transportation in Austin, then you have a medical coordination agency that can provide medical transportation in Houston for disabled, seniors and elderly.

​Taking seniors or disabled members in the family for medical appointments is no longer a hassle with one agency offering excellent non-emergency transportation in Austin as well as the surrounding areas. Known as Amera Solutions, they are one of the trusted and fastest growing medical coordination agency. Whether you have made an advanced booking or there is an emergency, they can handle both the situations. Amera Solutions is also known for offering air ambulance service in Austin TX at minimum costs.

Amera Solutions has been doing an excellent job in providing non-emergency medical transportation, and it is their professionalism that has helped them go up the success ladder so fast. They are best regarding infrastructure and are backed by some of the skilled and trained professionals in the field. Every reservation that they make is closely monitored right from start to finish. They are committed to supporting the community by offering full medical transportation services. Their medical transportation service is particularly helpful for seniors, disabled persons, and injured individuals – as well as those who need reliable transportation for scheduled out-patient procedures. They will also provide for an attendant or medical escort upon request.

The agency offers a wide range of services that includes private ambulance service, wheelchair transportation, transportation for the disabled apart from non- emergency transportation in Austin. One feature that sets the company apart from others is that they do not compete with local networks of professional transportation companies. In contrast, their team continues to partner and network with high-quality providers to deliver a transportation service that is safe, reliable, and timely.

Call 281-872-6400 or 855-263-7215 for more details.

About The Company

Amera Solutions is a growing medical transport agency that offers a wide range of medical transportation services. Apart from non emergency transportation in Austin, they also offer air ambulance service, wheel chair transportation, hospital patient transport and more.

Source: Amera Medical Transprotation Solutions