HEDGED, the New Wall Street Crime Thriller Explaining Stock, Bitcoin and NFT Manipulation - Gets Early Release Date DUE to HIGH INTEREST, Hits #1 on Amazon's New Releases


Juliana Jones, a former Wall Street executive and active day trader, received an early release date for her new book: HEDGED… The mInD of an AdDicTed dAy TradEr, due to incredibly high demand, according to CG Holdings. The book has already hit #1 on Amazon under New Releases for the "Gambling" category. 

This financial thriller takes you into the queen's chair of day trading. When Jolette Marco loses everything in a day trade gone awry, she dives into a morally corrupt abyss of Wall Street to earn it all back. She takes a job on a trading floor at a top brokerage firm, dealing with hedge funds and the world's top 1% of high net worth individuals and investors. When she meets Noel Sheffield, a maverick broker at a rival firm, he takes her under his wing and shows her the real ropes of Wall Street, and how the game is really played. In the end, he steals her heart, giving new meaning to the words, "I lost everything."

"Get ready to ride the rails into the depths of hell," said an anonymous Ex-Trader who spent 8 years in prison.

This book takes you into active gang activity and exposes the manipulation that happens in the Crypto, Stock, and NFT markets, and shows the retail guy trying to fight Goliath but coming up empty.  In the end, our heroine... blows the top off of everything.  How does she do it?  Stay tuned for HEDGED

The book is available now in Paperback and Hardcover on Amazon. https://amzn.to/3epgazu

And it is available now digitally for pre-order.    

About the Author:

Juliana Jones started her career at Robertson Stephens working in the Venture Capital Group, was promoted to Institutional Sales, and then transferred to New York where she was hired at Morgan Stanley as a Senior Vice President. She ended her career at Carlin Financial, the firm talked about in Michael Lewis' financial thriller, Flash Boys.   


Publisher:  CG Holdings

Email: julianajonesHEDGED@gmail.com

Twitter: @citygirlj

Instagram: @citygirljuliana

Website: www.citygirllovescoffee.com