Bestselling Author Juliana Jones of HEDGED, Publishes Next Book, the VALENTINE'S DAY CONCERT, and Hollywood Already Wants to Make the Movie


Fans are clamoring for BESTSELLING AUTHOR JULIANA JONES', of the famed NFT, CRYPTOCURRENCY, stock market thriller, HEDGED, brand-new book titled THE VALENTINE'S DAY CONCERT, according to CG Holdings.  This sequel brings back the same characters in a harrowing display of sappy love semantics where two characters from a writing group head off to Las Vegas for Valentine's Day to see a Barry Manilow show!

Neither one of them realize that they're going to discover the magic of love that Barry sings about.

"Juliana Jones has been a lifelong Barry Manilow fan," CG Holdings states, and her dream was to make a movie where two people go on a crazy road trip to see the fantastic singer. "When Hollywood received her screenplay, they went nuts for the story. She spent the rest of her time in the quarantine penning the novel."

"The screenplay was written in eight days," Juliana Jones says. "It just poured out of me. When you have fun, quirky characters, it's a story that dictates itself. This is a project based on what really happens when people see each other at their worst, and how they fend for each other in life's toughest times. To have Barry Manilow and his music be a backdrop for this wild adventure is just the icing on the cake. I am a lifelong fan; Barry Manilow is just the best and I hope every one of his fans enjoys this new book and can relate when trying to drag their 'significant other' to one of his concerts."

Juliana Jones' first book HEDGED has done extremely well and 5% of all net proceeds are being donated to breast cancer, in lieu of Juliana's favorite author, Jackie Collins.

Stay tuned for the movies of both books! She thanks all her fans!

Her books are available across all platforms: Amazon, Apple Books, Google Books, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.


Juliana Jones is the bestselling author for HEDGED. She started her career at Robertson Stephens working in the Venture Capital Group, was promoted to Institutional Sales, and then transferred to New York where she was hired at Morgan Stanley as a Senior Vice President. She ended her career at Carlin Financial, the firm talked about in Michael Lewis' financial thriller, Flash Boys.


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Currently, she is Chief Investment Strategist for a proprietary trading account and runs the esteemed website She day trades and then tastes lattes around the world.