HealFast Uses Advanced Nutritional Science to Optimize Patient Healing & Recovery

A Mediceutical Company Launches Surgical & Injury Recovery Support Program to Support Recovery from Intense Surgery and Injury

Today, HealFast, Inc., a physician-run nutraceuticals company specializing in advanced nutritional solutions to medical conditions; announced the launch of its Surgical & Injury Recovery Support Program in North America.

The U.S. manufactured supplement touts an all-in-one formulation using premium ingredients that have been shown to support healing, reduce inflammation, and aid in pain control for people recovering from a wide range of injury or surgery.

Dr. Myro Figura, M.D., Chief Medical Officer at HealFast Inc., underscored how frequently “Healthcare fails to emphasize the critical importance of a strong nutritional state for optimal recovery.” Citing that if “Athletes flock to nutrition for post-workout recovery when handling tissue microtears, why shouldn’t injured or surgery patients do the same for what would be macro-tears? The science is conclusive. In the face of surgical or injury related trauma, the body absolutely requires increased nutritional intake of key nutrients to heal optimally and reduce complications.”

HealFast is designed to support the nutritional states of potential patients who may already be depleted in key nutrients prior to surgery. In fact, per data from the CDC and NHANES, nearly 80 percent of the population regularly have insufficient nutrient intake; and according to one study, at least 40 percent of patients are malnourished at time of hospital arrival.

This nutritional insufficiency worsens during injury or surgery and can cause complications such as compromised wound healing, increased fatigue & pain, and even elevate the risk of infections. What’s alarming is that some surgery recovery research shows that complications can occur in as frequently as 3 in 5 surgical patients. Ultimately, per the CMS, roughly 1 in 4 patients are readmitted to the hospital within 30 days of discharge due to complications, many of which are preventable and related to poor healing or infection.

HealFast supports the body’s nutritional state during a planned surgery or unexpected injury.

While it’s no surprise that nutrition is an important part of healing, the difficulty is in knowing which nutrients to seek and how much to consume.

HealFast removes the guesswork by leveraging premium-grade nutrients backed by research evidence from over 200 scientific publications to help reduce complications, aid recovery and minimize interactions with common medications and perioperative anesthetics.

Our Physician team is particularly excited to see their patients do well with this formula,” states HealFast Partner Justin Samra.

“At HealFast, we believe in American-made quality you can trust. Our formulations undergo a stringent manufacturing process and are triple tested for quality. We make products as if they were for our family. Because that’s how this started, with loved ones experiencing recovery complications related to poor nutrition. The need for this product is considerable but rarely discussed in public circles. We’re hoping to change that.”

HealFast Surgical & Injury Recovery Support is indicated for recovery from any interventional surgical procedure or sport-related injury involving tissue trauma. This includes helping a new mother recover after natural or C-section childbirth, a loved one through bariatric or plastic surgery, and even orthopedic surgeries like knee and hip replacements.

Due to its powerful formula, HealFast works on less invasive injuries as well; lending itself as a recovery option to high-performance athletes for optimized healing from intense workout strain. Taken between sessions, HealFast can optimize recovery from triathlons, high impact or contact sports, Spartan races, among others. Included among the list of non-invasive injuries HealFast can aid recovery from are life’s unexpected injuries such as car accidents and falls.

Ultimately, the company wants to educate the public on the importance of optimal nutrition during times of intense injury or surgery. They hope that by spreading this knowledge, people will achieve better recovery results with less pain and ultimately costs. Check out HealFast today!

About HealFast, Inc.: HealFast is a physician-owned nutritional supplement company with offices in New York and Los Angeles. HealFast uses physician experts, evidence-based research, and stringent manufacturing principles to produce premium quality nutraceuticals. You can find their healthcare commentary and advice at HealFast’s FAQ page.

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Source: HealFast, Inc.

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