Affording Optimal Patient Outcomes Amidst Rising Healthcare Costs: HealFast Encourages the Medical Community to Focus on Low-Cost, High-Benefit Nutritional Solutions

As a physician-founded leader in surgery-recovery nutraceuticals, HealFast Inc. has a proven track record in optimizing patient outcomes with clinically supported perioperative nutrition

HealFast Surgery-Recovery Support

​​​​While the national debate on private vs. government-controlled healthcare continues, it’s clear the U.S.’s evolving healthcare incentive structure must focus on patients’ overall outcomes.

Currently, the U.S. healthcare system is largely “fee for service.” Meaning that when care is delivered, a fee is charged. This system tends to inadvertently encourage more treatments.

However, as the focus shifts to “value over volume,” physicians will need high yield, proven solutions that boost their patient’s overall outcome.

Luckily, modern data capture & analysis techniques have started identifying these higher yield solutions so physicians can prescribe fewer, but more effective, treatments.

Ultimately, the incentive structure must place more emphasis on preventing poor outcomes and reducing complications than just treating symptoms in the moment.

However, outdated industry norms are hard to change - even when the broader medical community agrees!

In one Swiss-Austrian survey of 176 surgical departments, physicians were asked about the potential benefits of using nutrition in their surgical practice. Nearly 80% of the senior leadership agreed that attention to nutrition would decrease surgical complications and 59% felt it could shorten hospital stay.

Despite this, only 20% of the surveyed surgeons then incorporated routine screening and nutritional interventions.

In addition, extensive clinical literature show that optimized nutrition is essential to improving surgical outcomes and reducing complications.

One database study of 44 million patients published in the AJMC showed nutritional supplementation was associated with a 2.3-day reduction in hospital length stay, a $5K reduction in the cost of care, and a decrease in patient 30-day readmission rates.

Many surgery patients are completely unaware of available nutritional options or their benefits.

Surgical nutrition is a prime target for reducing costs and improving healthcare outcomes. It’s relatively inexpensive, has a low side-effects profile, and has a strong potential to improve surgical outcomes and reduce costly complications. 

HealFast hopes to educate the medical community and patients on the necessity of practical, low-cost, high-yield nutritional solutions for routine medical conditions & surgery recovery.

By discussing patient prehab, recovery techniques, and leveraging safe & proven perioperative recovery nutrition, both the medical community & patients can embrace a complete recovery mindset.

As an industry leader in the recovery nutraceutical space, HealFast leverages clinical research and performs human clinical studies on its products to ensure efficacy, safety, and quality. 

HealFast Surgery Recovery products are manufactured in US FDA Registered facilities and all formulations contain premium, clinically-supported, surgery-safe ingredients that promote healing, reduce inflammation, and aid in pain control.​

About HealFast, Inc.: HealFast is a nutritional supplement company based in NY. HealFast leverages physician experience, evidence-based research, and stringent manufacturing principles to produce quality nutraceuticals. Learn more about their mission and products at

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