HealFast Inc.​ - Producer of the Industry Leading Surgery & Injury Recovery Supplement, Breaks New Ground in the Childbirth Recovery Market

After working alongside individual health care and childbirth professionals, HealFast Inc., recently sponsored the DONA International Doula convention, signaling its intent to help educate and support natural & surgical childbirth recoveries.

Today, HealFast, Inc, a physician-run nutraceuticals company specializing in advanced nutritional solutions to medical conditions; announced breaking new ground in the childbirth recovery market with the help of doula, midwife, and OB/GYN partners.

Its first official step into the market comes with its sponsoring of the DONA International Ft. Lauderdale convention July 22; which comes after months of meticulous research and surveys among qualified and trusted individuals in the doula and OB/GYN community. The US manufactured, over-the-counter supplement, touts an all-in-one formulation using premium ingredients to support healing, reduce inflammation, and aid in pain control for mothers recovering from both natural and surgical childbirth procedures.

By leveraging baby-safe premium-grade nutrients that are scientifically backed by research & evidence from over 200 scientific publications; HealFast aims to help reduce wound healing complications, support recovery, and control inflammation, while minimizing interactions with common medications and perioperative anesthetics.

As Dr. Kim Langdon-Cull, M.D. states, “It is time to discuss with your doctor the role of a supplement program like HealFast. As a retired Obstetrician/Gynecologist, the numerous benefits of HealFast in the last two weeks of pregnancy and for the immediate postpartum period warrant serious consideration and pose minimal risk due to the short duration and timing of use.”

Whereas prenatals are for the baby’s development, HealFast is for Mom’s recovery.

Dr. Myro Figura, M.D., Chief Medical Officer at HealFast Inc., underscored how critical it is for the childbirth community to educate patients on the importance of optimized recovery nutrition; stating, “For those moms seeking an optimized recovery that’s baby-safe like prenatal vitamins, but more scientifically supported than placenta encapsulation products; HealFast offers the promising solution desperately needed in the industry.”

While designed to optimize the nutritional states of patients; the HealFast Recovery Formula helps the body counteract surgery complications related to poor nutrition, infection, and elevated fatigue & pain scores, that CDC and NHANES say, can impact nearly 3 in 5 surgery patients.

HealFast removes the guesswork and aims to optimize Mom’s nutritional state during natural or surgical childbirth!

Ultimately, HealFast, Inc hopes to educate the public on the importance of optimal nutrition during childbirth and the postpartum period to ensure more moms find their optimal recovery timeline every time.

As part of this goal, HealFast Inc, is working closely with doula, midwife, and OB/GYN professionals in both 1:1 education and cooperation venues as well as providing organizational-wide education and training materials to ensure that patients are always offered the complete picture and maximum number of available options.

HealFast is the industry leader in surgical and injury recovery nutrition and is the future of childbirth recovery that mothers demand!

If you are a doula, midwife, or OB/GYN professional and are interested in learning more or signing up to partner with HealFast’s Childbirth programs, click here to learn more and apply today!

About HealFast, Inc.: HealFast is a nutritional supplement company with offices in New York and Los Angeles. HealFast uses physician experts, evidence-based research, and stringent manufacturing principles to produce quality healthcare grade nutraceuticals. You can find their healthcare commentary and advice at www.healfastproducts.com.

Source: HealFast Inc.