HealFast Inc. - Maker of the Industry Leading Surgery & Injury Recovery Supplement, Offers 20% Prime Day Discount to Help Patients Achieve Better Recovery Results.

Premium scientifically-backed products are expensive, but HealFast hopes to leverage Prime Day hype to educate consumers on the importance of recovery nutrition and help provide patients optimized recoveries at break-even prices.

Today, HealFast, Inc, a physician-run nutraceuticals company specializing in advanced nutritional solutions to medical conditions; announced a bold prime day discount program that is slated to eliminate the company’s profits on Prime Day sales in an attempt to aid the patient community.

The US manufactured, over-the-counter supplement, touts an all-in-one formulation using premium ingredients to support healing, reduce inflammation, and aid in pain control for people recovering from a wide range of injury or surgery.

Dr. Myro Figura, M.D., Chief Medical Officer at HealFast Inc., underscored how important it is for the community to become educated on the importance of optimized recovery nutrition. “As physicians, our primary responsibility is to the patient. As such, our purpose with the Prime Day sale is more about informing the public and lowering prices to help customers afford an optimized recovery than it is about profits. If we can break even while helping the community, it’s completely worth it to us.”

While designed to optimize the nutritional states of potential patients; the HealFast Recovery Formula helps counteract surgery complications, that per CDC and NHANES, may impact nearly 3 in 5 surgery patients and includes compromised wound healing, increased fatigue & pain, and even elevate the risk of infections.

HealFast removes the guesswork and aims to optimize the body’s nutritional state during a planned surgery, childbirth, or unexpected injury!

HealFast leverages premium-grade nutrients backed by stringent research evidence from over 200 scientific publications to help reduce complications, aid recovery and minimize interactions with common medications and perioperative anesthetics.

Due to its powerful yet safe formula, HealFast is also a touted for recovery from both natural and surgical childbirth. After working closely with doula partners and OB/GYN professionals, HealFast’s latest market penetrations have been focused on helping Moms recover.

Ultimately, HealFast, Inc wants to educate the public on the importance of optimal nutrition during times of intense injury, surgery, and childbirth. They hope that by spreading this knowledge, people will achieve better recovery results with less pain and ultimately costs.

Check out HealFast today!

About HealFast, Inc.: HealFast is a nutritional supplement company with offices in New York and Los Angeles. HealFast uses physician experts, evidence-based research, and stringent manufacturing principles to produce quality healthcare grade nutraceuticals. You can find their healthcare commentary and advice at www.healfastproducts.com.

Source: HealFast, Inc.

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