HARDCAR Radically Changes California's Cannabis Market With New Cash-in-Transit (CIT) and Distribution Model

As the cannabis industry struggles to find its way, one company is making a serious impact by proposing a new model that drastically reduces and, in some circumstances, completely eliminates CIT costs.


HARDCAR, an award-winning cannabis distribution and secured logistics company based in the Los Angeles and San Francisco regions, announced today that it is launching a new distribution and Cash-In-Transit (CIT) model that will shake up the industry.

By shifting the revenue model and pricing structure to drastically reduce and, in some circumstances, completely eliminate CIT costs, HARDCAR is now able to provide licensed cannabis businesses with not only cash processing and banking/vaulting but also a strong distribution partner. The company arrived at this solution, based on market demand from partners across the state of California, from SoCal to NorCal. 

"Being the best requires a company to invest in its employees and partners alike. Approaching the industry with this new model of combined services is something we truly believe will allow our partners to grow by being able to focus on whatever it is they do best. By placing their trust in our team at HARDCAR for distribution and CIT, growers can focus on growing the finest cannabis, manufactures can produce the highest quality products, and dispensaries can build the most efficient retail streams, all increasing profit."– Salvatore Moccia, HARDCAR CEO

HARDCAR fully understands that California is the lifeblood of the U.S. cannabis market. Ensuring fair pricing within a compound service structure will allow businesses to grow amongst the incredibly high operational costs that currently exist within the industry, including licensing and banking fees.

“With this new expansion of offerings, we are able to bring specialized sales and services to both brands and retailers alike. By creating an omni-channel approach, we are now able to increase partnership support while minimizing associated costs. We believe in driving brands and growth through best practices and reliable services.” - Daniel Zumbo, HARDCAR VP of Sales

HARDCAR truly believes in cultivating a healthy cannabis industry through partnerships that work for all parties involved. Combining services to keep pricing down is an excellent way to curb additional expenses that should be going back into operational costs for growth and profit, allowing licensed cannabis businesses and the overall industry to thrive.

For more information about how your business can save and work more effectively with a strong partner like HARDCAR, please contact our VP of Sales, Mr. Daniel Zumbo, at dzumba@hardcar.com or call at (833) 246-4273.