HARDCAR and Its Military Veterans Leverage Their Extensive Training in Order to Keep California's Transportation Channels Safe

With Essential Services Sector (ESS) companies still operating throughout the state, it is vitally important that companies like HARDCAR leverage their training to keep the community safe, while keeping lines of distribution open.


HARDCAR, a Veteran owned and operated distribution and secured logistics company based in Palm Springs, announced today that it is expanding its business model by leveraging the unique set of skills that its Veteran employees possess.

From Founder and C-level to their Agents, all HARDCAR employees have been through NBC/CBRN training, and are thoroughly educated to properly operate in these current environments while limiting transmission and eliminating chemical and viral threats. One prime example is an Agent that ran NBC (nuclear, biological and chemical) contamination response operations in the military for 8 years. In response to COVID-19, or any other possible contamination threats, this Agent is the SME (Subject Matter Expert) in regards to controlling, denial, and decontamination of employees, vehicles, products, and properties.

“As we navigate through these trying times and challenges of COVID-19, I want to ensure HARDCAR’s first and top priority is the health and safety of our clients, employees, and the communities we serve. We are taking every effort to reinforce our ongoing actions and will not sway from standard operating procedures, all while maintaining a ‘Safety First’ focus as we progress forward.” – Salvatore Moccia, HARDCAR CEO & USMC

In addition, the company’s COO, Mr. Matt Orth, is CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear) certified from the Department of State and the Department of Defense. Mr. Orth spent seven years in Baghdad, Iraq in charge of Emergency Response Teams that were tasked with protecting all Embassy mission staff against such threats.

“I feel confident that our staff is more than qualified to tackle the obstacles we are now facing, especially with the military background and training we all have received. We will continue to utilize our subject matter experts as we progress forward.” – Matt Orth, HARDCAR COO & USMC

HARDCAR is also considered an Emergency Service company and will play a vital role during these trying times as resources become more and more limited. The company is mission-driven, meeting every obstacle head-on by finding solutions; dealing with a viral obstacle is no different. All employees that conduct distribution and CIT (Cash-In-Transit) operations are given the proper tools to conduct their jobs safely. This includes symptom screenings every day prior to their shift, wearing PPE (mask and gloves) during deliveries, decontamination of products (boxes) and all surfaces to include vehicles, offices, and all equipment.

HARDCAR offers a fleet of hi-tech armored vehicles that are manned by highly trained, situationally aware US Military Veterans, increasing the level of safety of valuables while in their hands. The company continually reinforces public safety while transporting and storing all assets.

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HARDCAR is an award-winning transportation and secured logistics company with a proven track record of cultivating and maintaining meaningful relationships with cannabis and non-cannabis businesses alike. From Cash-In-Transit (CIT) to Distribution, Banking, and Secured Storage & Vaulting, HARDCAR provides all of the necessary services a company needs to keep their assets safe and secure. For more information, please visit www.hardcar.com.