Gulf Coasts Events' Leadership Initiatives for 2016

The calendar has turned to 2016. With the new year, the Gulf Coast Events associates have resolved to enhance their leadership skills. The managers stated that many plans are in place to give all associates the needed resources.

“Building leaders is part of our firm’s culture,” stated Alex, Gulf Coast Events’ President. Alex described some of the ways Gulf Coast Events’ management provides knowledge transfer to up-and-coming leaders. “Our coaching program is second to none,” she stated. “We pair our seasoned pros with new associates to help them learn the ropes.”

“From the minute someone joins our firm, he or she is being groomed for leadership,” Alex shared. “We believe their success is what drives our firm’s prosperity. We offer a challenging yet satisfying path to advancement. Merit, not seniority, is what determines who will move forward.”

"The firm's best and brightest are eligible to qualify for invites to these quarterly events,"

Alex , Director of Operations

Among the learning opportunities are leadership conferences, which associates have opportunities to attend. “The firm’s best and brightest are eligible to qualify for invites to these quarterly events,” Alex explained. “Selection is based on the achievement of specific milestones and goals.”

“The leadership conferences provide participants with an abundance of information and tips,” she stated. “Attendees meet with industry leaders and network with colleagues from other regions. There’s so much good knowledge to take away from these experiences.”

Gulf Coast Events Managers Give Tips for Building Leaders

At Gulf Coast Events, building leadership skills starts with empowerment. “We provide our associates with the tools and resources, and let them take responsibility for the results,” Alex stated. “When your team members recognize that you have confidence in their abilities, they’ll perform at a higher level.”

“You can’t develop strong, productive associates when you micromanage and question their every move,” she stated. “People need to practice using their own knowledge and talents to complete tasks and projects. Use mistakes as opportunities to educate, not punish. This way, you’ll foster more innovation.”

Communication is also critical to leadership development. “Your team can’t read your mind,” Alex cited. “Be clear when explaining goals and objectives. Share your larger vision. Be transparent about any challenges your firm is facing. To succeed, you want everyone on board in an environment of shared trust.”

“Never dismiss team-building events as frivolous, either,” she shared. “Your people must work closely together. The best way you can promote collaboration is to offer everyone opportunities to socialize and get to know one another outside their roles. Break down walls and you’ll find a more fluid organization.”

“When you focus on helping your own team members grow in their careers, you’ll quickly discover benefits derived from their allegiance to you,” Alex concluded. “This is what will sustain your company in the future.”

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