Gulf Coast Events Recognized as Great Place to Work

Gulf Coast Events' Director of Operations highlighted the company's most recent reputation-boosting achievement. She also discussed a hiring push and the firm's emphasis on training.

“We were honored to receive Fair Business Report’s Top Places to Work award for 2016,” stated Alex, Gulf Coast Events’ Director of Operations. “The award is an ideal reflection of the type of culture our associates enjoy, and I know it will make our company an even more attractive destination for top talent.” Alex and her leaders are motivated to improve and expand the firm’s influence in the wake of the prestigious award.

There are a few key criteria Fair Business Report uses to determine which companies win the award, including 10 or more positive peer reviews on its website over the course of a year. Alex is proud to say that Gulf Coast Events easily crossed that threshold and embodies a few more essential traits of a Top Places to Work award winner. “Past winners have been singled out for a variety of things we emphasize here at Gulf Coast Events,” the Director noted. “Professional development, growth culture, and a commitment to philanthropy all factor into Fair Business Report’s decision, and we certainly stress all these things in our success strategy.”

"We have begun a hiring push to capitalize on the Fair Business Report award and all the big wins we have been achieving on behalf of represented brands,"

Alex, Director of Operations

The company will also receive a badge on its Fair Business Report profile to signify the achievement. Alex noted, “This is a great way to let any visitors to the site know what we’re all about, and I think it will only help recruitment and overall awareness of the work we do.”

Gulf Coast Events’ Director Discusses Hiring Push and Training Emphasis

Alex and the rest of the Gulf Coast Events leadership team have big goals for the rest of 2016 and beyond. They also know that additional talent will be needed to turn their aggressive aims into thriving success stories. “We have begun a hiring push to capitalize on the Fair Business Report award and all the big wins we have been achieving on behalf of represented brands,” the Director stated. “As we evaluate candidates, we will be looking for motivated people who are never satisfied with good results. Gulf Coast Events is defined by our commitment to constant improvement, and we need promotional specialists who feel the same way.”

Gulf Coast Events’ leaders make new hires feel welcome and valued right off the bat through an extensive training program. Alex explained, “Every new team member gets the chance to gain hands-on experience and learn from our seasoned executives. We make it clear from the first day that continuing growth and dynamic improvement are core company values.”

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