Gulf Coast Events' Culture of Teamwork Drives Success

The Gulf Coast Events team has achieved a lot of success thanks to the firm's culture of collaboration. According to Alex, the company's Director of Operations, reaching so many goals has been a team effort.

​In the sales and marketing industry, businesses can’t afford to fall behind. At least that is what the Gulf Coast Events team members believe. Alex indicated that all her associates work in unison to keep pushing the company to new heights of success. She believes this is thanks to the culture that they have been able to foster.

“At Gulf Coast Events, everyone has bought into the vision that by supporting each other and our common values, we can achieve great things,” she asserted. “This unity is extremely powerful. It allows us to produce innovative campaigns that drive serious results for the brands we promote.”

"Cheesy workshops are usually pretty unpleasant. We prefer group activities that require us to work together without overtly being a team-building exercise. We've found this setup can work magic."

Alex, Director

Alex highlighted two of the company’s administrators, Giselle and Ally. They have really gone above and beyond the call of duty, she stated.

“While I was away in the Denver market recently, these two stepped up in a big way,” she said. “They kept everything running smoothly by doing inventory, conducting interviews, and tackling any problem that came up. They even took care of my dog!”

Gulf Coast Events’ Director Reveals How to Build a Culture of Success

According to Alex, developing a winning culture at Gulf Coast Events has not been easy. It has required consistent attention to everything from hiring, to event planning, to vocabulary.

“It is important to make the office a place of energy and enjoyment,” she asserted. “Everyone should enjoy coming into work. A great way to accomplish this is to celebrate little successes in fun ways. Make sure everyone is involved and try to maintain a start-up feel.”

Giving people the right tools and responsibilities is also important, Alex revealed. She indicated that an empowered workforce is intrinsically motivated. A component of this, as a manager, is to take a step back and allow people to do their jobs without micromanaging. Trusting associates will inspire them to perform.

Alex also stated that team events are extremely useful. “We have team nights on a regular basis,” she said. “They can include anything from a movie, to a happy hour, to a group dinner. I have found that it is best to get people out of the office, regardless of what you do. Interacting in a different context really deepens team relationships.”

She added that is it possible for team-building exercises to work as long as they are challenging and enjoyable. “Cheesy workshops are usually pretty unpleasant. We prefer group activities that require us to work together without overtly being a team-building exercise. We’ve found this setup can work magic.”


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