Guardly Enterprise Uses SmartPhones, Geofences and Beacons to Take Situational Awareness to the Next Level for Multinationals and Property Managers

Guardly Corp. today announced the release of its Guardly Enterprise mobile situational awareness platform with location aware voice alerts, customizable alerts, geofence alerts and Indoor Positioning System (IPS). With mobile apps specifically designed for multinationals with global travellers, large properties and campuses, and enterprises with remote operations, Guardly provides actionable knowledge in any situation.

Guardly CEO Rob Moffat today announced the release of the Guardly Enterprise featuring a completely 'rebuilt and robust' platform for optimal situational awareness. Purpose-built for private and public enterprises with large, widely dispersed operations and personnel, Guardly Enterprise includes command center software and mobile apps that seamlessly provide accurate and timely communications whenever any 'incident' occurs. The complete Guardly Enterprise offering includes Guardly Command, Guardly Mobile, Guardly Indoor Positioning System and Guardly API.

Initially focused on satisfying the needs of universities and public institutions with large or remote campuses, Guardly has recently made inroads into the global corporate market, deploying Guardly Command and Mobile for a large services company with widespread multi-national operations and thousands of frequently traveling executives. This Guardly end-user has deployed the platform across its enterprise in order to reliably and accountably:

Our multi-national clients use Guardly Command and Guardly Mobile to stay in close touch with hundreds of people, many of whom are working in remote, and sometimes politically unstable situations.

Rob Moffat, CEO

- provide greater awareness faster in a wide range of situations, large or small

- send and receive local, regional and national alerts and data

- understand exactly who, what, where, when and how during critical events,

- provide immediate assistance with accountability and peace of mind for all

The new-generation Guardly Enterprise platform was engineered with the idea that it should accommodate the widest possible range of real life situations. Developers built Guardly Enterprise to connect seamlessly anywhere, in any situation where somebody needs help right away. From common use cases like handling urgent tenant requests to 'See Something Say Something' situations in an underground parking lot; to extreme crisis situations like a terrorist attack in an office complex or retail mall, the development team wanted Guardly to work seamlessly for everyone and everything everywhere.

“Our multi-national clients use Guardly Command and Guardly Mobile to stay in close touch with hundreds of people, many of whom are working in remote, and sometimes politically unstable situations.” Says Moffat. “Using sophisticated geofence communications, Guardly gives head office and their people in the field more and more helpful situational awareness faster, anywhere 24 “Large enterprises have accepted the fact that mobile is a key component of everyday life.” Adds Luke Slan, Director of Sales. “With our introduction of Guardly Enterprise, organizations can provide a mobile tool to their employees to facilitate communication with real-time, actionable data. The way of the email is no longer efficient or reliable enough to deliver critical alerts and information, and organizations don’t want to get left in the past.”

For situational awareness indoors, Guardly offers a powerful beacon-based Indoor Positioning System to pinpoint user's locations within a few feet, in any room and on any floor in the beacon-enabled building. Using sophisticated triangulation technology Guardly IPS accurately locates smart-phone users who have the Guardly Mobile app while providing them with a dedicated, real-time rich media communications channel -- connecting them directly with security staff in the Guardly-equipped command center. Guardly IPS was recently tested at a live active shooter simulation for large property management company where it achieved 100% success.  

About Guardly

Guardly is an mobile alerts platform with apps that allows accurate, accountable and actionable communications between field personnel with smart-phones and enterprise security staff. The Guardly platform provides real-time situational awareness with location aware, voice and customizable geofence alerts, and an advanced Indoor Positioning System (IPS) that pinpoints threats and people indoors, significantly improving response time and efficacy. Guardly leverages SaaS, smart-phone and beacon technologies to quickly provide actionable knowledge for any type or severity of incident for multinational organizations, property managers, large campuses and resource operations.

For more information please call:  Luke Slan Director of Sales, Guardly Corp. 1-844-482-7359 sales(at)

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