GSP's Tips and Tricks for Keeping Team Members Engaged

GSP's management understands the importance of keeping associates engaged and happy, and they make doing so a top priority. The company president highlighted some strategies for doing so.

“GSP enjoys outstanding levels of success, and it’s driven by a group of passionate and talented professionals,” said Jon L., the firm’s president. “I wouldn’t take them for granted – not for a second. I care about them not only for their skills and work ethic; they’re some truly amazing people as well. I want them to stay on this team, and I want them to thrive.”

Jon expects the team to become even busier as the holiday season approaches. He pointed out that the next few months will present unique challenges, and it’s more important than ever to keep the GSP experts engaged and productive.

"Finally, never underestimate the value of genuine appreciation,"

Jon L., Company President

GSP Leader Shares Effective Techniques for Maintaining a Happy and High-Performing Workforce

“There is no shortage of strategies for nurturing high levels of engagement, and some work better than others,” Jon continued. “I have a few suggestions, which have never failed me. For example, it’s vital to get to know your people on an individual basis. When you know what motivates them personally, you will be in a better position to keep them inspired. They’ll appreciate your extra effort as well, and that will energize them even further.”

According to Jon, it’s also imperative to give associates consistent and constructive feedback. They deserve to know where and how they perform well, as well as the areas in which improvement is needed. Leaders should prioritize their people’s growth, and make sure they have access to professional development opportunities, such as training sessions and conferences.

“I also recommend clear communication,” Jon stated. “This may seem obvious, but surprisingly few businesses actually operate with open, honest team member interactions. At GSP, I make sure everyone feels comfortable sharing ideas and asking questions. What’s more, I ensure that they fully understand what is expected of them, as well as how their efforts contribute to the whole. They must know they have the power to make a substantial difference.”

“Finally, never underestimate the value of genuine appreciation,” Jon concluded. “Whether you buy your associates lunch, distribute gift cards, or simply offer a warm thanks, the effort makes a big impact. Sometimes all people need is some recognition. In fact, I truly believe such acknowledgement is the most transformative means of engagement. It’s become a core part of our culture here at GSP.”

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