GSP Enhances Culture During Holiday Season Rush

The leaders at GSP work hard to maintain the firm's core values through the hectic holiday season. The company's president discussed this and how holiday parties boost team morale.

“At GSP, we are dedicated to upholding our core values and maintaining a culture that empowers our team,” declared Jon L., the firm’s president. “This commitment remains strong during the busiest times of the year, including the often-chaotic holiday rush. We focus on keeping a collaborative spirit while adjusting to the demands of the season.”

Company leaders emphasize training and constant improvement, and they stress teamwork at the same time. The president explained, “We organize a range of team training sessions all throughout the year, but I think they take on added importance when the holidays roll around. With so many priorities competing for our people’s time and customer interactions at a peak level, we want to make sure our GSP associates are still focused on learning and improving.”

"Our people here at GSP always look forward to our office parties this time of year,"

Jon , President

To help bring his team members together and keep them engaged through this busy time, Jon and the rest of the leaders at GSP set clear expectations. “During our training sessions, we will frequently take a few minutes to make sure we’re all on the same page,” the president added. “It can be tempting to just survive and advance to the next day when things are so frenzied, but we do our best to maintain high productivity in spite of how busy things get. As a result, we post winning results for our firm while building momentum for the coming year.”

GSP’s President Elaborates on the Importance of Holiday Parties

“Our people here at GSP always look forward to our office parties this time of year,” Jon noted. “Aside from being a fun way to blow off steam at the end of a hectic few weeks, they also bring our people together in meaningful ways. I always feel more confident about the coming year after I spend some time with our associates during parties.”

Jon believes taking time to recognize the efforts of his team members is a key aspect of any holiday party. He commented, “There’s really no better setting for putting your people in the spotlight, because everyone is in the spirit of the season. I think it’s the best way to build camaraderie and help everyone appreciate the unique talents of their colleagues. We have also found this to be a great motivational tactic, because everyone wants to be noticed for their contributions.”

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