Grunberger Diamonds Offering Ideal Cut Diamonds in More Than 40 Different Qualities

The world's largest producer of ideal cut diamonds with perfect Hearts and Arrows, Grunberger Diamonds specializes in sizes 0.60mm to 4.29mm.

Ideal Cut Diamonds

Grunberger Diamonds, a prestigious diamond manufacturing company, is offering clients ideal cut diamonds in more than 40 different qualities. With over 75 years of providing excellent service and precision-cut diamonds, the team of experts was able to discover the perfect method of creating maximum fire and brilliance for every single diamond.

Founded in the diamond capital of Antwerp, and now with locations in New York, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Japan, Grunberger is a Melee diamond supplier to customers in Europe, the United States, and various worldwide destinations. According to the diamond service company, their superior optical symmetry is what sets their melee diamonds apart from other conventional cuts and brands, with their facet pattern known as Hearts & Arrows used on every diamond that they produce.

Passed down through three generations of Belgian cutters, the Grunberger Diamonds team have been able to maintain top-industry consistency in their Ideal Cut melee. From their cutting facility to their headquarters in Belgium, every diamond they cut goes through a strict sorting and quality control process before reaching their sales offices.

The team believes that the most important factors in choosing a diamond in the world of the jewelry industry include the 4Cs of a diamond: cut, clarity, color, and carat. In addition, finding a diamond supplier with authenticity, craftsmanship, and exceptional service is key. 

Proud to provide the highest-quality natural diamonds using a legacy of experience as a fourth-generation company, the Grunberger Diamonds team only uses state-of-the-art diamond testing equipment. To eliminate the risk of getting synthetic diamonds, they use synthetic diamond detection machines, such as the GLIS-3000 and the M+ Screen.

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About Grunberger Diamonds  

Offering top-tier service to their customer base of retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers, designers, and jewelers across the globe, Grunberger Diamonds is a leading diamond service company that provides personalized service by taking the time to understand each customer's needs. With four sales offices across the world, their diamonds are delivered to each customer in the most efficient and safest way.

Source: Grunberger Diamonds