Grunberger Diamonds, Premier Diamond Supplier, Boasts Precision Cut® Technology for Ideal Cut Melee Diamonds

Grunberger Diamonds' Precision Cut® has the proportions needed for ideal cut melee diamonds that boast unparalleled brilliance and light performance.

Grunberger Diamonds is a premier diamond manufacturing company with over 75 years of experience. As one of the leading precision-cut diamond manufacturers, Grunberger is revolutionizing the industry by providing its customers with optimal precision-cut diamonds utilizing its own unique process, the Grunberger Precision Cut®. 

The company believes that cut is the most important factor in determining the brilliance of a diamond. Poorly-cut diamonds can be dark and dull, even if they have perfect clarity or color. Moreover, uneven proportions and poor symmetry cause light leakage. Their solution? Years of expertise and in-depth research to bring forth the ideal cut.

The Hearts and Arrows facet pattern, in particular, is a hallmark of the company's precision cutting technique. A tricky, though highly sought-after cut, Hearts & Arrows boasts unparalleled fire and brilliance when done correctly. These diamonds are often referred to as having a superlative cut, meaning they have optimal symmetry, which allows the facet arrangement to direct and reflect light in the most efficient way possible. Utilizing their precision-cut method, which helps produce optical symmetry among other quality features, Grunberger diamonds can appear larger and more appealing than comparable GIA excellent-cut diamonds.

Grunberger Precision Cut® diamonds are a preferred choice for jewelers looking to craft impressive pieces, as it results in unrivaled symmetry and unsurpassed quality. Superior optical symmetry is what sets Grunberger melee diamonds apart from other conventional cuts and brands. To ensure customers' satisfaction, Grunberger thoroughly examines every single diamond before shipping, and every diamond must meet its strict Hearts and Arrows pattern guidelines. The company utilizes the most advanced tools for measuring accuracy to ensure diamonds are calibrated within 0.025mm of perfection before sizing them in even more specific sizes with precision equipment.

Grunberger Diamonds also uses synthetic diamond detection machines, such as the GLIS-3000 and the M+ Screen, to eliminate the risk of getting synthetic diamonds. Since highly skilled craftsmanship is required to produce a well-cut stone, Grunberger's expertise and experience have ensured their position as a highly notable diamond supplier.

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About Grunberger Diamonds

Grunberger Diamonds has been a premier diamond manufacturing company for over 75 years, passed down through four generations of elite Belgian cutters. Through the years, Grunberger has remained an impressive force in the diamond industry, providing jewelers with high-quality and ethically-sourced melee diamonds. 

Source: Grunberger Diamonds