Grunberger Diamonds' Precision Cut Melee Diamonds Set a Remarkable Industry Standard

Through nearly a century of experience and expertise, Grunberger Diamonds has perfected its Precision Cut® method to bring out the best in what an ideal cut melee diamond has to offer.

There are many factors that go into determining the quality of a diamond, no matter its size. And at Grunberger Diamonds, the Grunberger Precision Cut® ensures that each melee diamond it produces exceeds industry expectations and achieves its maximum fire and brilliance.

The Grunberger Precision Cut® method was developed after decades of in-depth research into best practices for creating ideal cut melee diamonds. With specific attention paid to the relationship of cut proportions and light leakage, Grunberger Diamonds has succeeded in crafting melee diamonds that excel in proportion and symmetry, resulting in melee diamonds that offer the level of fire and brilliance required to create truly show-stopping jewelry pieces.

Through precision cutting, Grunberger Diamonds' highly skilled artisans ensure that diamonds are neither too shallow nor too deep. This is essential since a shallow cut allows light to leak out from the bottom of the diamond, while a cut that's too deep will let light leak out from the sides. On the contrary, the Grunberger Precision Cut® keeps light exactly where it belongs, which is encapsulated within the diamond so that each stone sparkles to its full capacity.

With Precision Cut®, Grunberger Diamonds is able to help ensure that each melee diamond adheres to the 4Cs of diamond quality: cut, clarity, color, and carat. And because the company's melee diamonds are cut to perfect proportions, they achieve a level of symmetry, clarity, and color that can't be produced through other cutting methods. The result is melee diamonds without the cloudy and dark attributes that so often plague their improperly cut peers, as well as diamonds that are able to be cut and polished more closely and accurately.

Grunberger Diamonds takes pride in their ability to supply the world's jewelers with the very best in melee diamond cut and quality. And as a family-owned company, they remain committed to sustaining a legacy of excellence that includes going above and beyond their competitors when it comes to the 4Cs of individual stones. 

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About Grunberger Diamonds

Grunberger Diamonds, founded in the 1930s in Antwerp, Belgium, is a family-owned business and one of the largest diamond suppliers in the world. With a global presence that includes New York, Osaka, Hong Kong, and Antwerp, Grunberger Diamonds remains an impressive force in the diamond industry, providing jewelers with the highest-quality, ethically sourced melee diamonds and staying a cut above the competition in diamond cutting techniques and innovation.

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