Greg Gillham's New Book 'Christianity for Non-Christians (What Do Christians Believe?)' is a Potent Guide That Imparts Perspectives on Spiritual Resilience and Conviction

Recent release "Christianity for Non-Christians (What do Christians Believe?)" from Covenant Books author Greg Gillham is a pivotal narrative that contains powerful insights on strengthening one's personal faith in the Lord.

Greg Gillham, a hospitalist with a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, has completed his new book, “Christianity for Non-Christians (What do Christians Believe?)”: a dynamic account that explains the significance of the Christian faith in living a purposeful life unshackled by sin and sorrow.

Gillham writes, “We are all in a battle every day of our lives. Satan is waging war on us and God. It’s not a war we can see because it is a spiritual war. Satan is proud and he’s angry that he isn’t God. His weapons of warfare are temptation, doubt, anger, lies, deception, other people, and life circumstances.

“Few people are aware of this and most do not care to think about it. Everyone is busy with work, bills, children, and a thousand other things. Nevertheless, the battle is real. Satan is trying to trick us into believing that our creator God doesn’t love us and desperately wants to separate us from God.

“During our life, we will choose whom we will follow — Satan or God. God is going to win his battle with Satan; but that doesn’t guarantee we will be on God’s winning side. We, ourselves, must face Satan using weapons provided by God. We will need spiritual weapons for spiritual warfare. There is only one place to find the weapons, but if we find and use them, we will win our battle too.”

Published by Covenant Books of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, Greg Gillham’s new book is truly a meaningful devotional that aims to reinforce every reader’s faith in God and practice it on a daily basis to avoid being caught in the web of sin and turmoil.

Readers can purchase “Christianity for Non-Christians (What do Christians Believe?)” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.

Covenant Books is an international Christian-owned and operated publishing house based in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina. Covenant Books specializes in all genres of work which appeal to the Christian market. For additional information or media inquiries, contact Covenant Books at 843-507-8373.

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