Greenroots Nutrition Signs Bikini Pro & Fitness Model Noemi Olah as Creative Brand Ambassador

Educating, empowering and enriching the lives of people through fitness and healthy living.

Noemi Olah

Greenroots Nutrition signs on Bikini Pro & Fitness Model Noemi Olah as creative brand ambassador to help launch a new line of supplements under the AMPD Nutrition brand.

Noemi is a role model and continues to inspire the new generation with a sensible holistic approach to fitness. Using the AMPD Nutrition brand, Noemi will educate, empower and enrich the lives of people towards healthy living.

Primarily aimed at women, AMPD Nutrition is build on the principle of the full disclosure of ingredients and based on a philosophy of educating the consumer about these ingredients. Gone are the days where you wander among the aisles trying to decipher the ingredients in your supplement.

Ampd Nutrition will never hide behind what goes into its products and will educate its consumers.

The dynamic Noemi started competing years ago at the age of 18 as a bikini model. In 2010, she won the Arnold Classic Amateur Championship, and that was when Noemi became a professional athlete.

Noemi prefers circuit training with short breaks and high rep ranges as the workout routine that has worked best for her.

“Not only is this type of training good for building muscle but it helps burn fat as well with the short rest periods in between sets.” Noemi explains.

“Greenroots Nutrition’s philosophy resonates with me as a professional athlete committed to a healthy lifestyle and I am glad to play a part in helping develop a brand that will also focus on making quality products for women.” She adds.

Greenroots Nutrition, a health and wellness company headquartered in Tampa, Florida stocks a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, herbs and sports nutrition products for the beginner or the seasoned athletes.  

“To say that we are excited is a huge understatement. Noemi is a legendary trailblazer in this domain and has worked with some of the greatest names in the fitness world and we are extremely fortunate to work side by side with someone of her caliber.” said Kamlesh Darji, Greenroots Nutrition President.

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Greenroots Nutrition (GRN) is a nutritional supplement store. GRN also stocks a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, herbs and sports nutrition products for the beginner or the seasoned athlete. There are now two locations in Florida. Greenroots Nutrition studies the demographics, and ensures that our store has up to date products that will best serve your community. If you don't see a product at your location, let us know and we can place a custom order for you! For more:

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