Green Gaming App System 02:19 Launching in Time for Earth Day 2017

New gaming platform enables users to raise funds for eco-friendly charitable projects

SYSTEM 02:19, a unique new “green” gaming app program that merges the fun of competitive gaming with social activism, has launched just in time to celebrate Earth Day on April 22, 2017.  While Earth Day Network’s mission is to “diversify, educate and activate the environmental movement worldwide”, the mission of System 02:19’s groundbreaking app is to empower individuals to make a demonstrably positive effect on the health of the planet. A portion of all in-app purchases will be donated to an eco-friendly charity the System 02:19 Foundation.

The goal is for residents of different cities to compete, where the winning city is awarded a grant to the eco-friendly project designated for the local community, making it a better place to live. Thus socially-conscious, and not so socially conscious, gamers can make life around them better, cleaner, happier, and more beautiful.

Just by playing the game on a regular basis, and applying collective efforts to solve the pressing issues for their cities and communities, good-hearted gamers can show actual proof that Gaming = Greener!

So, while these coming Saturday millions will renew efforts to make the planet cleaner and greener, Earth Day is every day for those who play System 02:19!

More details can be found at and you can follow the progress of the rollout on their social media accounts.

Source: System 02:19

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