Green Gaming App System 02:19

Enables Users to Raise Funds for Local Eco-friendly Community Projects

Riddle: What do you call a combination of an interactive game and eco-activism?

Answer: Genius!

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Deborah Gilels, LA media consultant

For those who think 'gamers' are millennial slackers and 'social activists' are buzzkillers, there is now a product that combines the best skills of both sides into a win/win solution: Introducing System 02:19!

It's a novel "green game" app program that lets competitive players use their prodigious gaming talent to make a demonstrably positive effect on the health of the planet. When a portion of their in-app purchases are converted into a donation to the System 02:19 Foundation, a nonprofit charitable organization, socially-conscious gamers can make the world around them better, cleaner and more beautiful - and still claim bragging rights for their stupendous online exploits. The ultimate goal is for residents of different cities to compete with each other, where the winners get to donate the proceeds to help enhance the liveability of their local communities.

System 02:19 takes the player into a virtual park where friendly characters like Snail Bob and the Beetle help them grow their trees. As players progress through several levels, the tasks become increasingly challenging. Elements of the game include Match 3, Farm and Augmented Reality. Players will also be enthused with the game's graphics and adventures.

System 02:19 rolled out nationwide on April 16th. The app is available to be downloaded for free on the System 02:19 website (, the App Store and Google Play, as well as on Facebook and Instagram.

For more details on this ginormous green gaming platform, check out their site and social media outlets.

Source: System 02:19

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