Gordon Reese Construction of Walnut Creek California Joins Advanced Educational Think Tank

Gordon Reese Construction

The U.S. remodeling industry is growing and expanding in scope and value year by year. After being hit hard by the housing crisis, the industry is now speedily recovering with more and more homeowners wishing to leverage the value of their homes with home remodeling and renovation. But as the remodeling industry grows, the number of remodel contractors available has also grown. With the industry becoming more competitive, consumers need a greater variety of criteria available to select a quality contractor, and this encourages contractors to refine and improve their skills and scope to distinguish themselves.

Gordon Reese Construction Inc. has done just this by joining Remodelers Advantage Roundtables™. Remodelers Advantage Roundtables™ is a National coaching program designed to help high quality remodelers from all over the country work together to find targeted and specific solutions to some of the challenges found within the remodeling industry. This collaboration also aims to help these leading remodelers maximize their strengths, and enhance opportunities for even better service, performance and innovation. Remodelers Advantage Roundtables™ focuses on matching non-competitive companies across the country in order to allow them to effectively collaborate with peers - sharing valuable ideas and inspiration for more rapid improvement and progress.

"By joining Remodelers Advantage Roundtables™, we have the chance to talk to my peers, compare notes about our businesses and discover what they are doing better," says Gordon Reese, owner and founder of Gordon Reese Construction, Inc. "We can't do that with local companies because we compete with one another. Our competitors won't open up about their methods of being successful the way the members of our Roundtables™ group will."

The idea of bringing together companies with similar goals and creating peer-review development groups is not new, however opportunities to do this within the remodeling industry were limited. When it comes to experienced companies dealing with advanced challenges, answers usually can only be found with other experts in the field. By collaborating with other leaders in the home design and remodeling industry, Gordon Reese Construction was able to share their own valuable knowledge, while also refining and perfecting their current processes.

"We've attended many seminars which were great but we really wanted more in-depth help. At Remodelers Advantage Roundtables™, we review all areas of our business: production, salesmanship, marketing, and customer satisfaction," says Michelle Reese, co-owner. "Now we can work with other remodelers to develop highly effective and efficient systems for all areas of our business. That means we can improve the remodeling experience for all of our clients."

Being a part of this kind of ‘brains trust’ really sets a contractor apart from the rest, and ensures that the highest standards in quality, service, innovation, design and functionality are always met.

By sharing and collaborating with expert remodel contractors across the country, Gordon Reese Construction brings cutting edge remodeling inspiration to the Alameda and Contra Costa counties. Whether you are considering a whole house remodel, bathroom remodel, or a kitchen renovation, contact Gordon Reese Construction for inspiring and premium remodels and additions in the Bay Area.

Source: Gordon Reese Construction, Inc.

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