Gooo3D Launches G Printer - the World's First UV DLP 3D Printer That Does Not Require a PC or Network Connection

With its built-in UI, 100% UV optical engine, and integrated Materialise software, G Printer is a compact stand alone 3D printer that prints thinner, faster, and more precise than other competitive 3D printers on the market.

​​​​​The 3D printing industry has boomed in recent years. Every variety of printer from cheap desktop models to prohibitively expensive industrial-grade models have saturated the market. While choice for the consumer is good, it can be a challenge finding one that fits the needs of individual users, hobbyists, free-lance professionals or small businesses. One that is affordable, compact, and sacrifices little, if nothing, in terms of printing resolution.

G Printer is the first UV DLP compact 3D printer that eliminates the need for a PC or wifi network for those long printing hours. The embedded system, which is also the first of its kind, allows simple plug and play from a standard USB drive and the system will read the files on the drive and print directly. 

Working with "Materialize", G Printer comes pre-installed with automatic support software. There is no need for to worry about properly placing supports to maintain the structure of designs. The software will automatically place supports in the most efficient locations so that resin does not go to waste.

The G Printer is equipped with a 100% UV projector, making it capable of printing extremely fine details at a 100 Micron degree of precision, meaning it has the ability to make holes as small as 100 Microns as well as 100 Micron-long cylinders. 100% UV projectors are more precise as the beam radiates only on the wavelength of 405 nanometers("nm"). Most commercial projectors radiate light from 350nm to 700nm meaning that the light towards the center shines the brightest and most intensely while the light at the edges are comparatively very weak. Such uneven light produces unevenness in the resulting print out, causing variance with the modeling data inputted.

With G Printer’s UV Engine, heat production is also greatly minimized. Commercial projectors, by radiating all over the spectrum, create a huge amount of energy waste which produces excess heat. The creation of this excess heat can lead to overheating, which is why most projectors require a cooling system such as a fan. While in larger settings this may be OK, in a small office or home, having a fan running constantly can create distracting noise pollution. Overheating also has the potential of overworking and forcing early bulb replacement, which are not cheap. G Printer lasts longer than other 3D printers and will last for at least 10,000 hours so there's less of a need to replace the bulb.

The G Printer was designed to fit in any sort of working space. Whether working from home or the office, G Printer can operate without being a burden. However, for its small size, G Printer has extraordinary printing capacity capable of printable sizes of 5.1x 3.1x 5.5 (inches).

In cooperation with a local company, Gooo3D has developed their own line of resins that work seamlessly with the G Printer. Current offerings include both standard resins, which have been ensured to be sturdy and non-harmful to the human body, and a separate casting resin.

Check out Gooo3D's G Printer Indiegogo campaign here.

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