Global Tech LED Announces New IP67 Rated LED Modules

Expanding the versatility of their LED systems, possibilities are now seemingly endless.

Global Tech LED (GTL), U.S. manufacturer of high output led modules used in retrofit kits and new fixtures, announced today that their two most popular LED modules are now IP67 rated meaning that these devices are resistant against water ingress to a maximum of three feet of water for up to 30 minutes, as well as resistant against dust ingress. The manufacturer plans to use this new rating to enable their GTSOL5498 and GTSOLM21 modules to operate outdoors while open to the environment, breaking the barriers of what performance is achievable in an enclosed fixture. There will be a significant improvement in the areas of light distribution, light output, heat dissipation and overall performance by not constraining the high output LED modules behind the glass of an outdoor fixture.

Global Tech LED is releasing a new line of retrofit kits and new fixtures that take advantage of the expanded capabilities of their modules due to the IP67 rating. The new line of retrofit kits will replace the glass on the front housing of the fixture with a plate that includes the IP67 rated LED modules. This new line results in no trapped light and no restriction on light distribution from the modules themselves. Thermal dissipation capabilities will also be enhanced to a point unparalleled by any other LED retrofit system on the market, ultimately allowing the fixture to output more light.

Learn more about Global Tech LED products and capabilities by visiting: Global Tech Global Tech LED is located at 8901 Quality Road, Bonita Springs, Florida 34135. Telephone: (877) 748-5533. E-mail: info@Global Tech

John Burns, Director of Marketing

The new, soon to be released, LED fixture line made possible by the water resistant rating, is truly revolutionary. Thinking outside the fixture is the unofficial motto of the new line. Without any restrictions at all, the new LED fixtures run at optimal performance all the time in any environment. These are exciting times in outdoor lighting as, now, the sky's the limit for LED fixture performance.