FDOT Approves Florida Made LED High Mast Luminaire

Global Tech LED becomes the first Florida manufacturer to supply FDOT approved LED High Mast Luminaire

The Titan-HM LED High Mast Luminaire

Global Tech LED, Florida manufacturer of USA Made high quality LED lighting products, announced that the Florida Department of Transportation has added the Titan-HM LED High Mast Fixture to their Approved Products List (APL).

Now, Global Tech LED’s superior LED high mast fixture can be installed on projects controlled by the FDOT including interstate installations. This may be the first time that the FDOT has a high mast lighting option made in the state of Florida and now has the ability to support business within the state when performing upgrades to lighting infrastructure.

The Titan-HM LED fixture which is produced in Bonita Springs, Florida has an industry leading warranty, and is extremely cost competitive, likely the lowest cost of all DOT options. It features two Solstice Titan Modules running at up to 640W producing brilliant clean LED light in a Type V distribution. The thermally optimized modern LED housing is tastefully reminiscent of the classic high mast fixture design. The optical distribution is tuned to meet DOT lighting requirements when mounted on high mast poles up to 120 ft high.

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Source: Global Tech LED

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