Global Tech LED Announces It Will Use Jabil Circuit Inc. To Manufacture In India For Sales to Indian Markets

Premium LED Retrofit and LED Fixture Manufacturer, Global Tech LED, Announces Production of LED Lighting Systems in India for the Indian Market.

·        Global Tech LED partners with worldwide manufacturer “Jabil Industrial & Energy” in Pune, India to build Global Tech LED advanced-design circuit boards, for markets throughout Indian continent.

 ·        Global Tech LED circuit boards for U.S. markets continue to be made in south Florida, near company headquarters.

"Global Tech LED advanced luminaire products will be beneficial to improving India's own infrastructure." Mr. Mart states.

Gary Mart, CEO, Global Tech LED

Global Tech LED, fast-growing south Florida-headquartered creator and manufacturer of energy-, money- and labor-saving LED new construction and retrofit outdoor, indoor commercial lighting systems, announces substantial further market and product-production expansion beginning this year. 

CEO Gary Mart states that, as Global Tech LED new fixture and retrofit business continues manufacturing in and selling throughout the U.S., “New and retrofit markets for our unique-design LED products are also growing worldwide every single year.  While the United States remains our company’s international corporate headquarters and primary systems-manufacturing base, Global Tech LED does need to be concurrently in fast-expanding overseas markets for LED lighting systems, as well,” Mr. Mart observes.

“The Indian continent is one of the most evolving, technologically sophisticated markets for Global Tech LED products.  Their national government is eager to benefit state-of-the-art electronic businesses and industry of many kinds,” Gary Mart notes.  “Working with our business partner Jabil, Global Tech LED has been granted an opportunity within the country of India because of Jabil’s own advanced manufacturing systems, which facilitate their ability to manufacture Global Tech LED lighting systems in multiple locations.”

“Global Tech LED advanced luminaire products will be beneficial to improving India’s own infrastructure.”  Mr. Mart states.  “No matter where Global Tech LED luminaire products are used, they are exceptionally energy-saving for use in outdoor, indoor commercial, institutional, municipal and industrial applications; are ultra-long-life; and require negligible maintenance,” he points out.

India’s primary overall language is English.  While the country suffers from chronic over-population, an increasing number of its middle and upper-middle classes are highly college educated, earning technical and advanced degrees from India, the U.K. and U.S.  “These rising classes are more than eager to contribute their minds, and their intellectual labor, to grow their nation’s economic standards of living now and for near-future years,” Gary Mart posits.

“Global Tech LED is the U.S. market-technology leader in its growing range of outdoor and indoor, highly energy-saving, commercial lighting fixtures for new construction and retrofits.  We are committed to keep growing in America.  We also believe we can become the market leader for our company’s same new LED fixture product lines, throughout the Indian continent simultaneous and concurrent with our continued U.S. market growth,” Mart concludes.

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