Global Health Crisis Spurs Technology Innovation in Events Industry

​​The meetings and events industry is in crisis mode as thousands of small and large meetings have been postponed or canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping across the globe. Devastating revenue losses, including millions of dollars in travel, tourism, and associated consumable goods, are mounting. As a result, meeting and event planners and sponsors are looking for ways to rescue their events and businesses.

As travel bans and broad-reaching cancellations have forced meeting and event planners to change their approaches, Educational Measures, a ground-breaking meeting engagement technology and analytics company, has shifted their focus to provide their clients with innovative solutions.

“Until recently, the demand for our Array Premium engagement platform for on-site meetings and events was our core business. We recognized the threat that COVID-19 posed to our business, our clients and their meeting participants. We quickly devoted resources to fast-track development of our new Array Virtual™ platform,” says EM CEO Marc Crawford. He continues, “EM’s clients and their attendees experience a ‘wow factor’ with our in-room engagement technology. Array Virtual offers the same wow factor, including interactive features, service, data, and analytics that our clients have come to expect from us. Empowering virtual meeting participants to engage directly with meeting content, instead of just substituting a simple webinar, has enabled our clients to rescue their events. Being a trusted partner to meet our client’s needs in the face of this crisis is what I’m really proud of. Our team is working tirelessly to provide our clients the best solution in full-service virtual events.”

With COVID-19 being declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organization, thousands of global events now need to shift to virtual formats. Contact Educational Measures today at to discuss your event needs and how you can rescue your event with Array Virtual. You can also download our Virtual and Hybrid Event Conversion Checklist for guidance to start the process and request a demo of the EM Array Virtual platform.

Educational Measures, LLC is the leading provider of live meeting engagement technology and analytics. The company leverages a proprietary technology platform, Array, to turn ordinary meetings into remarkable experiences. Array interactive technology continuously engages attendees and collects valuable data on live audience interactions with presenters, content and other audience members. Powerful insights from data-driven analytics, delivered on their innovative Array Hub platform, help meeting stakeholders better understand their audience and improve the impact of their meetings and events. The Company has a notable influence in the continuing medical education, life sciences, and financial services sectors, among others.

Source: Educational Measures