Educational Measures and Kynectiv Partner to Bring Simulation to Live Meetings

Engagement and data collection increases for every level of meeting, conference and event.

Educational Measures™ LLC (“EM”), the leader in live meeting analytics and engagement technology and Kynectiv™ LLC, a leading provider of simulation-based technology to global audiences, announced today a partnership to provide enhanced simulation in live meetings. For meeting stakeholders who understand the value of engagement technology and simulated learning, there is potential to greatly improve interaction with meeting participants and increase data collection in a live meeting environment.

“Incorporation of Kynectiv’s DecisionSim™ patient simulations into Educational Measures’ Array™ platform creates a live meeting that engages learners and allows them to transfer the knowledge of the faculty into their practice,” said Bob Yayac, CEO of Kynectiv. “Real-time data from the simulations can be broadcast to the audience which allows the faculty the opportunity to focus on key decisions that relate to the data presented and share best practices.”

The combined offering creates an integrated solution for meeting stakeholders coupled with expertise in deploying live meeting technology. The platform is exactly what clients desire to improve overall engagement in live meetings while collecting valuable data for future decision-making and predictive analytic models.

“We are excited to provide our clients with this combined live meeting engagement solution. Having worked with Kynectiv and deployed their technology at live meetings, we see the value simulation can bring,” said Marc Crawford, CEO of Educational Measures. “When we evaluate partnering with other technologies, we ensure the combined solution drives additional value to our clients, increases engagement and enhances the data collection process. Kynectiv’s DecisionSim accomplishes all these goals.”

The combined offering is immediately available.

About Educational Measures
Educational Measures is the leading provider of live meeting analytics and engagement technology. Our next-generation Array® second screen technology takes ordinary meetings and turns them into dynamic experiences. Live meeting data and analytics drive actionable insight for continual improvement. Our customers increase audience engagement by up to 20X, surprise attendees with more than 25 interactive capabilities and continually improve meeting impact with data-driven insight. Educational Measures® and Array® are trademarks of Educational Measures LLC. Website -

About Kynectiv
Kynectiv is a leading provider of simulation-based technology to global audiences. Our platforms enable clients to transform their training programs, offering increased engagement, stronger retention and comprehensive data collection that leads to actionable insights. Website -

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