Global Awareness Initiative Reports More Evidence on Syrian Mercenaries' Involvement in Nagorno-Karabakh

Syrian mercenaries

​​​​​​​​​​​To stop disinformation surrounding the current conflict with Turkey and Azerbaijan and spread awareness in the international community, Armenia's tech community leaders came together to form the Global Awareness initiative.

Latest news from the frontline of Nagorno-Karabakh/Artsakh:

  • The National managed to talk to a Syrian fighter from the Sultan Murad Brigade currently in Azerbaijan. The National reveals that army officers order Syrians to attack, while Azerbaijani troops, who were supposed to be fighting with them, "are kilometres behind us." "The Turks put us in such a position that we can't any more escape from here," said Ibrahim, who accepted the job to support his family.
  • The General Prosecutor of Azerbaijan accuses the WarGonzo blogger Semyon Pegov of "illegally crossing" the border of Nagorno-Karabakh, openly supporting terrorism, and calling for anti-state acts. These accusations came after he showed a video of himself in Hadrut with the Artsakh Defense Army, dismissing the statement of Ilham Aliyev that Azeri troops had captured the town. Azerbaijani people have also openly threatened and demanded Pegov's death for his "pro-Armenian" coverage.
  • Mango has reconsidered manufacturing in Turkey after Saudi Arabia's unofficial boycotts for Turkish goods. The company is now looking for suitable alternatives to Turkey as a back-up plan. Other brands like Boohoo are also thinking about how the possible implications of Turkey's involvement in regional wars and sponsoring terrorists would affect their operations.
  • The government of Azerbaijan is getting increasingly worried as people in Baku start protesting about the classified losses in the Nagorno-Karabakh/Artsakh conflict. People demand for the numbers to be revealed, as they don't believe that the statement by the president, claiming their losses are less than the Armenian ones, is legitimate. 
  • Despite numerous warnings, Azerbaijan keeps targeting the civilian population and infrastructure in an aggressive manner. According to the Human Rights Ombudsman of Artsakh, as of October 9, 20 civilians have been killed and 101 injured since the attacks started on September 27. All attacks on civilians were pre-planned and targeted.
  • Azerbaijani army has repeatedly violated the humanitarian ceasefire announced two days ago. During the first night of the ceasefire, the army kept shelling not only the capital Stepanakert, but also Shushi, Martuni and many other villages. Civilians had to spend the night in shelters. Houses and other properties were severely damaged.
  • According to the Ministry of Defense of Armenia, under the guise of humanitarian cargo, a significant number of attack UAVs are being supplied to Azerbaijan from Turkey and Israel.

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