Global Awareness Initiative Reports an Analysis Proves Execution of Armenian Prisoners of War Are Real

​To stop disinformation surrounding the current conflict with Turkey and Azerbaijan and spread awareness in the international community, Armenia's tech community leaders came together to form the Global Awareness initiative.

Latest news from the front line of Nagorno-Karabakh/Artsakh:

  •  Contrary to the claims of the Azerbaijani side that the two videos of executions of two Armenian prisoners of war were fabricated by Armenia, a thorough analysis of the video proves that the footage and content were real. The analysis was released by an ex-British Army officer and open source analyst Nick Waters in an investigative journalist article for bellingcat. This video was initially posted on Azerbaijani Telegram channels alongside a description stating that the two men captured were Armenian soldiers. By analyzing several criteria, such as the uniforms, weapons, geolocation and date in the videos, the author concludes that the video is genuine and the detainees appear to have been transported away from Armenian lines and towards Azerbaijani lines before they were executed.
  • Major General of the Libyan National Army Ahmed al-Mismari confirms that Turkey sends terrorists to Azerbaijan. ''Thousands of terrorists, Syrian and of other nationalities, have been sent to Libya by Turkey using the Mitiga and Misrata airports. Now Turkey uses those airports to send Libyan, Syrian and other terrorists to Azerbaijan,'' Ahmed al-Mismari told Sky News Arabia.
  • On October 16, violating the ceasefire agreement signed on October 10, Azerbaijan launched heavy shelling again on Stepanakert and other communities in Artsakh. The office of the human rights defender of Artsakh, Artak Beglaryan reports that three peaceful civilians were wounded in the village of Shosh. No data on the casualties is reported yet.
  • Two Hamza Militants, who came back to Syria after fighting for Turkey in the war against Artsakh, were interviewed. They reported that Syrians were used as human shields while the Azerbaijani army was always at least 200 meters behind them. He also stated that around 1,000 fighters were sent initially, out of which 300 were allowed to return, while most of the rest died.
  • Armenian doctors in Artsakh performed surgery and treated an Azerbaijani captive. He is currently under medical care. This comes shortly after a video was leaked where Azerbaijani soldiers brutally killed two handcuffed and unarmed Armenian prisoners of war and beheaded a soldier.
  • The Parliament of Luxembourg unanimously adopted a motion condemning the Azerbaijani aggression against Artsakh, Turkey's involvement in the conflict and supporting all initiatives for an immediate ceasefire.
  • A poster with a little Azerbaijani girl, who is seemingly crying, has gone viral on social media as part of an anti-Armenian campaign. Around the same time, images and videos of the shooting's backstage surfaced online where the mother of the little girl was encouraging her to cry harder, then proudly noting her 'little princess' was a model. Many called this "exploiting children to encourage audience pity."
  • In the presence of the honorary consul of Armenia, the Milan City Council has unanimously approved a motion calling on the Italian authorities to recognize the Republic of Artsakh and condemn the Turkish-Azerbaijani aggression.
  • In a recent Twitter trend, a few days before the war, Azerbaijani people were discussing whether or not they would kill an Armenian child. An overwhelming number of responders stated that they wouldn't even hesitate to do so, as "Armenians are the enemy of the Azerbaijani people." Some of them mentioned that had they killed babies in the 90s war, there would be no Armenians to fight today.

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Armenia's tech community leaders have come together to form an initiative to spread awareness in the international community, and stop disinformation surrounding the current conflict with Turkey and Azerbaijan.

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