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Genaro Garcia Luna Announces Success of Security as a State Policy

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A recent publication titled, "Security Welfare, a New Security Model" explains GLAC Consulting's vision of the the importance of combating crime by dismantling illicit markets and criminal logistics, the strengthening of institutions responsible for security, as well as combating social determinants that increase the vulnerability of individuals to commit minor crimes or offenses that could evolve into high-impact crimes.

Genaro Garcia Luna, former Secretary of Public Security under the administration of former President Felipe Calderon Hinojosa, explains the central role played by the binomial society-authority, which must be reinforced, since over the years the communication between society and institutions in charge of safeguarding public safety in the country have suffered a constant deterioration, which becomes a determining factor in the Welfare Safety security program model.

Therefore, the security program proposes several main points to recover the trust in the authorities by society, such as technology and systems for the generation of operational intelligence and compartmentalized interconnection; the incorporation of professionals in the field of security for the development of skills in the areas of tactical analysis, technical and scientific research.

Garcia Luna contemplates the Welfare with Security program model as a transversal scheme of education, health, economy and social development with security programs, to meet the needs of the population that are identified through the measurement and analysis of the indicators and factors that affect said communities through the GLAC Index.

The GLAC Index is a tool that measures and analyzes the conditions of a vulnerable community and compares the variables and factors that affect the behavior of the entity subject to study, so the contribution of said Index could contribute to the prevention and combat violence and crime.

About GLAC Consulting: In addition to the GLAC Index, GLAC Consulting also offers complete solutions for security, technology, and risk analysis for the whole world. Under its director, Genaro Garcia Luna, GLAC Consulting is a risk management company that has the methods to help the world obtain better security.

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