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With the state of Mexico currently in an economical and security crisis, companies across both Mexico and the United States are taking measures to ensure their data is protected. Companies need to ensure that they are protected from data breaches and crisis intervention. GLAC Consulting, a risk management company, provides a security model that analyzes violence and criminal structure, direct components and indirect components.

GLAC Consulting aims to help Mexico via their GLAC Index. GLAC Index is a calculation generated through an algorithm that is made up of indicators and factors. The indicators consist of quantifiable data of social reality that come from international organizations, national, academic, social organizations and private sources. This is one of the company’s model business systems. The factors from their scales measure the changes and effects that the society perceives of the indicators through the use of modern techniques of big data in real time of mass media, social networks and surveys.

Other ways the company states they handle crisis situations is their various executive document and information services. These include:

  • Dossier GLAC

  • Thematic Studies

  • Predictive Analysis

  • Security and Well-Being Panorama

  • Risk Agenda

  • Strategic Sectors Security

  • Risk Evaluation

Genaro García Luna is not only the director of GLAC Consulting, but he is also the creator of the AFI during the presidency of Vicente Fox (2000-2006) and former Secretary of Public Safety during the administration of Felipe Calderón (2006-2012). Due to all of his experiences in the realm of security, Genaro García Luna saw the need for a tool that would allow the government to analyze the country as a whole or an entity within it with the greatest number of variables that may affect its security and, with regards to the private sector, have detailed information that would contribute to making decisions regarding potential investments.

About The Company: GLAC Consulting also offers complete solutions for security, technology and risk analysis for the whole world. Under its director, Genaro García Luna, GLAC Consulting utilizes the GLAC Shield to further protect its clients. They are a risk management company that has the methods to help the world obtain better security.

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