GIMME Beauty Offering Back-to-School Essentials Bundle

GIMME Beauty highlights its most popular, must-have items being restocked for the coming school year.

GIMME Beauty, the viral social media sensation that delivers innovative hair care solutions, has restocked its most popular — and most commonly misplaced — back-to-school essentials. From hair ties and bobby pins to elastic stacks and claw clips, GIMME Beauty has got everything to start the school year off right for just $48.

Back-to-school season means a busier schedule for everyone; from early-morning rush hour to after-school practice, life can get pretty hectic. It's natural for things to get lost and misplaced amid the chaos of it all. With that in mind, GIMME has restocked the most commonly lost items throughout the school year.

Hair bands are notorious for getting lost. GIMME Beauty reinvented hair bands with game-changing, patent-pending features that customers have been asking for. GIMME hair ties provide a firm, yet gentle, hold, preventing headaches, dents and damage. With bands made for all kinds of hair types, customers can find the right band that works best for their hair.

Bobby pins are another repeat offender. Average bobby pins routinely fall out and get lost, even during the most mundane tasks. GIMME Bobby Pins are another hair classic reimagined, featuring a tougher, longer-lasting spring and textured insides for a more secure hold. Ideal for all hair types, these also have a top spot on the list among the most commonly lost hair essentials.

Clear elastics also are often misplaced — even just around the house — and when time is short, GIMME's Elastic Stacks are known for securing hair of all types. When early mornings mean getting out the door fast, GIMME's Elastic Stacks are perfect for all trendy back-to-school hairstyles. 

Additionally, GIMME's patent-pending hair brushes are back in stock. GIMME's Detangling Brushes are perfect for styling with care and taming all hair types. As a bonus, GIMME will offer their anti-static brushes as an add-on to the bundle at a greatly reduced price.

"Back-to-school is a busy time for the family and brings with it a whirlwind of activity," said Jeff Durham, CEO. "Busier days mean less time for hair care, so we aim to make the process as simple, straightforward, and stress-free as possible. We made sure to restock on the basics, along with everything needed to start the school year off right."

The school year comes with enough stresses, both from school work and personal life; GIMME Claw Clips can help keep hair off that list. GIMME's Clickfit Claw Clips are perfect for all-day firm grip and everyday use on the days when styling is not an option.

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