GIMME® Unveils New Metal Bristle Brush Designed for All Hair Types 

The inventive hair accessory company launches a durable new brush with 100% stainless steel bristles to help unleash healthy, shiny hair. 

GIMME Beauty, a health and beauty company committed to designing innovative hair solutions, is pleased to announce its new Metal Bristle Brush, designed for all hair types to gently comb through and detangle hair while increasing stimulation to support a healthy scalp. Adding to GIMME®’s best-selling detangling brush collection, the durable stainless-steel bristle brush offers a royal treatment for a lifestyle upgrade aimed at healthy, shiny, and visibly revitalized hair.   

GIMME® has become synonymous with creative hair accessories, tools, and beauty tips with unique “affordable luxury” hair accessories tailored for every hair type. At $35, the new Metal Bristle Brush is a lifestyle upgrade that gently combs through and detangles hair while stimulating and supporting a healthy scalp. 

With the new Metal Bristle Brush, customers will enjoy features and benefits including:   

  • 100% Durable Stainless Steel Bristles crafted with precision, sturdiness and longevity for extreme durability.   
  • Flexible Cushion that adapts to every move and unique contour for an even distribution of pressure across the scalp, creating a gentle massage experience and boosting hair health from root to tip.   
  • Scalp Stimulation for Improved Circulation stimulates the scalp and improves blood circulation, which encourages natural hair growth.   
  • Distribution of Natural Oils for a balanced scalp and to create luscious locks as the brush effortlessly distributes the hair's natural oils for more of a shine.   
  • Goodbye Product Build-Up eliminates build-up and offers a clean slate to showcase a radiant mane with no product residue.   

“We are excited to offer a new product, a little metal bristle brush magic for our customers,” said GIMME® CEO Jeff Durham. “The Metal Bristle Brush features 100% stainless steel bristles designed for all hair types that not only detangle hair but also gently comb through hair to increase stimulation of the scalp. It has been crafted to last and is tough enough to handle the biggest tangles.”  

The latest addition to the GIMME® family reflects the company’s motto, “We Take Care of Hair,” as the company continues to lead the hair industry through aesthetics, practicality, and affordability in its original selections of brushes, hair bands, claw clips, and other everyday tools. 

Since its start in 2006, GIMME® has shown tremendous growth and acceptance in the hair market as a health and beauty company with innovative hair solutions. Its innovative hair accessory products are available online at Amazon and popular retail stores, including CVS, Target, ULTA, Walgreens, and Walmart.  

Check out GIMME Beauty’s wide selection of brushes, hair bands, and full line of innovative beauty products at and specifically its new Metal Bristle Brush at  

About GIMME Beauty     
GIMME Beauty's vision is to design innovative hair solutions that disrupt the status quo of the health and beauty hair care category. According to Nielsen Market Data, its products rank among the industry's fastest-growing hair accessories. Since it launched in 2006, GIMME® has become a national brand available at more than 23,000 stores across the United States. Follow GIMME® on Instagram or Facebook to learn about its latest collections.  

Source: GIMME Beauty

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