is Expanding Its Expertise to Florida Homeowners Insurance

The online insurance innovator is expanding its operations in Florida and beyond, offering guided expertise for those looking for an insurance quote for their home for Homeowners Insurance

Innovative online insurance shopping tool continues its rapid growth, expanding the ease with which individuals can secure homeowners insurance. Established in Boca Raton, Florida, a prime market for high-value homes and country club residences, is pouring new effort into focusing on the unique homeowners insurance market of Florida, with the goal of adding clarity and increasing options for shoppers.

Users will be pleased to know that the service is free and easy to use. It centers around a quiz — a simple way to simultaneously highlight what it is they want in a policy, while also saving time and getting a more direct connection to the insurance answers — and quotes — consumers are looking for. listens. Rather than push options onto the users that visit the website, right out of the gate, Get-A-Quote enables shoppers to express what their preferences are. From there, a connection to a rep moves the process forward in the right direction.

Florida's home insurance market represents major challenges to shoppers. On one hand, homes face risk due to Florida's uniquely flat, flood-prone topography, as well as its regular hurricane season. On the other hand, Florida is considered a high-fraud state, which means, for many, that premiums for some policies can be exceptionally high while other insurers simply choose not to write in certain areas of Florida. Shoppers wanting to get the best coverage for their home need an advocate and a partner that is familiar with the market, and who is willing to support shoppers to save them money.

With a specialization in Florida homeowners insurance, is positioned as the first step in a great insurance decision. With reps reaching out directly to those that complete the quiz, users are able to access an added level of customized support and guidance at a crucial part of the shopping process: getting the right quote.

Founder of Marcio Pepe explained why the company is growing, and why Florida is so uniquely positioned to benefit from its model. "So many types of insurance, including homeowners insurance, have changed dramatically in the past decade. It's become more important than ever to shop around, and Florida is one market where GetAQuote's customer-centric approach can really extend options to shoppers that they couldn't have found otherwise."

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