Get My Auto Unveils New Craigslist Wizard App for Car Dealers

Get My Auto has made it easier than ever before for dealerships to list their vehicles on Craigslist—and then to actually move inventory.


The Craigslist marketplace is an outstanding place to sell used cars—not just for private sellers, but for dealerships, too. Actually making the most of Craigslist can be challenging, and many dealers struggle to know how best to utilize this important e-commerce hub. Now, Get My Auto has announced a new app, the Craigslist Wizard, which takes all the guesswork out, empowering dealerships to list smartly and ultimately to sell their cars.

“The goal of the Craigslist Wizard app is simple,” says Get My Auto, a marketing firm that specializes in helping used car dealerships. “It enables dealerships to use Craigslist not just for branding, but for actually closing sales—period.”

The Craigslist Wizard app has a number of key features, starting with Smart Post Technology. “With Smart Post Technology, you can get your listings to rank on the first page of Craigslist search results longer, maximizing your visibility and reach,” says Get My Auto.

There is also an Advanced Lead Tracking System. “Dealers never have to lose another lead again,” says Get My Auto. “That’s because each ad will include a textable number that can be directly integrated with existing CRM technology.”

According to Get My Auto, there are innumerable benefits to the app—both for dealers and for customers. “You’ll get more leads, more appointments, and ultimately more sales,” the Get My Auto press statement pledges. “Plus, you’ll help customers get behind the wheel of their dream car. And with the Craigslist Wizard, it’s all incredibly easy and intuitive.”

More information about the Craigslist Wizard app can be found on YouTube, in the form of a trailer.

Get My Auto is a leading source of integrated digital marketing services, focusing solely on the auto industry in general and on used car dealerships in particular. The company specializes in helping dealerships list their inventory and sell more units on Craigslist—including through the Craigslist Wizard app. More information about the company is available at

Orange County based Get My Auto is a leading provider of integrated digital marketing services for auto dealerships around the country, and specifically in California. The company focuses on Facebook Ads, Craigslist, and other key digital platforms. The mission of the company is to help dealerships succeed, and in doing so to help buyers find the best deals on their dream cars. More information can be found on the Web at

Get My Auto is headquartered in Orange County, California. Additionally, Get My Auto can be contacted at: 17901 Von Karman, Suite 667, Irvine, CA 92614, or reach by phone at 949.408.3264.

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