Get My Auto Reveals Key Details Found on a Vehicle History Report

In a new statement to the press, Get My Auto reveals the most important details to look for on a vehicle history report.

Get My Auto Reveals Key Details Found on a Vehicle History Report

When shopping for a used vehicle, buyers should always do their due diligence. This means conducting a thorough visual inspection, taking the vehicle for a test drive and, in some cases, enlisting the insight of an independent mechanic. Another important step is reviewing the vehicle history report. In a new statement to the press, Get My Auto advises buyers on what they should be looking for on any vehicle history report.

“First and foremost, make it a point to ask your sales rep for a vehicle history and if they seem reluctant to provide one, that’s a major red flag,” comments Get My Auto. “Any reputable dealership should be happy to provide you with a full vehicle history report.”

That report will reveal the number of previous owners, a key detail. “Generally speaking, the vehicle’s quality declines when there are more owners in the picture,” says Get My Auto. “If a young car has already had several owners, take that as a warning sign.”

Buyers should also consider any reports of accident or of theft. “If the vehicle has a long history of accidents or if it’s ever been reported as stolen, you should be wary,” Get My Auto advises. “Either of these things can jeopardize the vehicle’s operation.”

Buyers are encouraged to check the vehicle’s mileage as well and compare it with the odometer reading. “If there’s a big discrepancy between these two numbers, proceed with the utmost caution,” warns Get My Auto. “That’s likely a sign of fraud.”

Something else buyers should look for on the vehicle history report: Any history of fire or flood. “Both fire and flood can lead to long-term damage and are reason enough for you to continue your vehicle search elsewhere,” Get My Auto states.

Ultimately, reviewing the vehicle history is an invaluable way for buyers to make wise purchasing decisions. “Start by choosing a reputable dealership that will furnish you with all the information you need,” Get My Auto concludes. “Contact us to find a dealership in your area.”

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