Get My Auto Offers Tips on Securing a Used Car Loan

Get My Auto reveals practical tips for buyers who wish to secure an automotive loan as affordably as possible.


Some consumers are able to purchase a new vehicle using cash but for most buyers, securing a loan is necessary. In a new statement to the press, Get My Auto reveals some tips for acquiring a loan as efficiently and as affordable as possible.

“The first step toward securing a used car loan is to check your credit report,” Get My Auto offers. A high credit score ultimately means greater buying power, lower interest rates, and potentially lower auto insurance premiums. A lower score, meanwhile, is not an insurmountable obstacle. “You can raise your credit score by paying off debt, making sure you pay all your bills on time and disputing any errors you see on the credit report,” Get My Auto explains.

Making a budget is also important. “You’ll need to know how much car you can afford,” says Get My Auto. “Make sure to factor in insurance, maintenance, and vehicle registration fees. Ultimately, you should have a sense of how a monthly car payment will fit in with your broader financial goals.”

It is also important to shop around to find the best lender. “Talk to banks and credit unions to find the best interest rates,” comments Get My Auto. “Note that these lenders will need to run credit reports. To prevent this from impacting your credit adversely, ensure that you do all your shopping around within a two-week window.”

Finally, Get My Auto suggests using discretion about which vehicle to purchase. “The best way to maximize your value, without blowing your budget, is to go to a local used car dealership,” the company says. “Using your loan for a used car will help you stretch it as far as it can go.”

Get My Auto is in the business of connecting buyers with reputable used car dealerships in their area. “We encourage you to contact us as you begin your search,” the company says.

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Based in Orange County, California, Get My Auto is in the business of connecting consumers with their next new or used car and of helping dealerships thrive in an increasingly competitive market. At Get My Auto, buyers can learn more about the local dealerships that are best suited to meet their needs, and also get advice that helps them navigate the buying journey. Dealers, meanwhile, come to Get My Auto for their rich experience in Craigslist, Facebook marketing, custom software, and more. To learn more about Get My Auto, call 949-408-3264 today.

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