Get My Auto Shares Four Tips for More Effective Craigslist Ads

In a new statement to the press, Get My Auto provides used car dealerships with tips for more effective Craigslist copy.

For used car dealerships, Craigslist can be either a blessing or a curse. Poorly executed Craigslist ads can be counterproductive, and in fact, they can send potential buyers scurrying. Then again, a strategic Craigslist ad can lead to a conversion, and to more foot traffic through the dealership showroom. In a new statement to the press, Get My Auto, a leading automotive marketing company, offers some tips for developing effective Craigslist copy.

“The first thing we recommend is being organized,” Get My Auto states. “Nothing is more off-putting to a potential buyer than ad copy that just offers a random jumble of facts. Take the time to organize your thoughts and write an ad that tells the story of the vehicle in question.”

Another tip from Get My Auto is to be specific. “When you use vague phrases like ‘low mileage’ without sharing the actual number, it makes your dealership seem evasive and untrustworthy,” Get My Auto affirms. “Always use specific numbers to denote the mileage, and be specific about the make, model, and year, as well.”

Dealerships should also be benefits-focused. “Use buyer personas to consider your target audience and ask yourself what benefits or features that the audience is going to care about,” says Get My Auto. “Write ad copy that emphasizes those benefits to the end user.”

Finally, Get My Auto notes that Craigslist ads should always be on-brand. “You’re not just selling a car; you’re selling your dealership, too,” the company notes. Good ad copy highlights the features of the vehicle, but also the reputation of the dealership itself. “Give buyers a reason to choose our business over your competition,” Get My Auto notes.

Ultimately, writing effective Craigslist ads takes a balanced approach. “Our marketing team can help you develop a Craigslist campaign that really moves inventory and improves the bottom line,” Get My Auto concludes. “We even have a Craigslist Wizard app that can streamline the entire process.”

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