Georgia Law Firm Shares News About Technology and Fuel Funding Released by the Department of Energy

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At T. Madden & Associates, we pride ourselves on being active and contributing members of the communities we serve across the State of Georgia. We believe that a firm, truly committed to providing the best service for its clients, is one that keeps its clients informed on important news and developments that may affect them. As experienced and knowledgeable practitioners in the areas of automobile and trucking law, we are pleased to pass along recent news from the Department of Energy to our clients and to the community at large.

In early March of 2019, the United States Department of Energy stated its intent to provide funding of up to 51.5 million dollars, through its Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, for innovative research into advanced technology for both trucks and off-road vehicles – more specifically, into viable alternative fuel sources for those vehicles. This decision has been seen as a bold step forward in the area of energy productivity and is encouraging for those who hope for lowered fuel costs, more renewable sources of fuel, and overcoming the barriers to both.

The funding will encourage and support research, not only into advanced waste-to-energy fuels, but also vehicle technology. This will include research and work on efforts like energy-efficient engines, heavy-duty freight electrification, fuel cell technologies for heavy-duty applications, and energy efficient, off-road vehicles – to name a few of many research and development initiatives.

From a practical standpoint, this initiative is very promising by not only improving energy productivity, but by making the trucks and off-road vehicles that we interact with on a daily basis safer, more energy-efficient, and technologically superior than those currently on the roadways. Whether this ultimately results in a reduction of accidents and fatalities on the roadways has yet to be seen. But from the standpoint of safer, more fuel-efficient, environmentally-friendly vehicles on the roadway, this news is certainly promising.

Secretary of Energy, Mark Menezes, stated (when recently discussing the funding) that trucks, as some of the fastest-growing fuel users, provide a key opportunity for using innovation in order to enhance energy productivity. Research, as well as new advances in energy efficiency and domestically-sourced fuel technologies, will strengthen energy security and improve transportation affordability for the trucking industry in the United States. This not only benefits those who deliver American goods, but also the consumers who use them.

Certainly, this is not only good news for the trucking industry, but also for all of us who share the roads with these vehicles and want to be sure that they are being operated and maintained in the safest, most economical way possible.

At T. Madden & Associates, we consider it our responsibility to remain informed about important developments like these and to pass them along to you, our valued community. As always, if you have been involved in an accident with a truck, off-road vehicle, or automobile, we are here for you. Call us any time at 833-PAID-123.

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