Genmist - a New Tobacco Free Advocate


Since the emerge of vaping products from 10 years ago, the world sees a continuous decline of cigarette consumptions year on year. This is a positive sign that vaping is helping smokers move to alternative ways of taking in nicotine. Since NRT (nicotine replacement therapy) was advocated by WHO in 1978 we start to see it taking effects in mass cloud among smokers.

The huge success of vaping ignites the passion of global tobacco companies in the technology and future of NGP (New Generation Product), Phillip Morris (Parent company of the world famous Marlboro brand cigarette), BAT (Parent company of Camel), Japan Tobacco, Imperial Tobacco and so on, all invest heavily in the development and marketing of the new products. Phillip Morris has moved all its marketing budget from combustible cigarettes to IQOS, its new heat not burn product.

In addition to big tobacco, there are also many new companies globally who are passionate about this revolution in smoking, especially in USA and China, the two biggest markets for vaping. We have seen flourishing development of new vaping products, such as bigger disposable, disposable with lights, pod devices with screen and so on. However, there is a lot less development in other product categories. In the electronic-cigarette industry, there are many new companies are making efforts for the development of the industry. As we all know, quitting tobacco is not a one-step thing, so in order to make our future smokeless and tobacco-free, the world needs to build a user-friendly platform with the latest technology and innovation at this stage. "We are doing which not many new companies do," said Shelley Wu, the Co-founder of the Genmist brand which has heat not burn and nicotine pouch products. They thrive to create quit-tobacco products.

It is known that Genmist products are all tobacco-free nicotine products, including tobacco free heat sticks used with heat not burn device, and tobacco free natural nicotine pouches. With all the efforts of Vaping industry that the idea of tobacco free is widely welcome by consumers and Genmist is now sold in over 10 countries. Their consumers are not only smokers, there are a lot of snus and chewing tobacco users who use Genmist nicotine pouches to replace their old tobacco products.

It is known that smoking kills 7 millions individuals every year and people are seeing vaping, heat not burn, tobacco free products and even newer products are reshaping the ways people take in nicotine. Smoking is still the most common way to take in nicotine but the fact is that the trend is shifting. The question is that will big tobacco still be the only players in this new game, or companies like Genmist will continue to gain its global popularity to provide the world a better solution? Only time will tell.

Source: Genmist