Coinchase Token CCH's Trading Volume Skyrocketed, Creating a Hundredfold Potential Token

CCH Pump

​​Coinchase officially announced it would raise the user's interest rate on CCH deposits and invest in developing the function of mortgage loans. Stimulated by such good news, along with a rising price of platform token CCH, its trading volume on the Cashierest exchange shot up.​

After nearly two years of steady development, Coinchase has become a new star as the Kickstarter® for cryptocurrency. The recent booming savings and Coinchase Launchpad have also set the direction for Coinchase’s future development. As an increasingly growing platform, known for high-quality projects and high returns, Coinchase has established a diversified service ecosystem and token community with the aim of promoting social progress in blockchain application services and protecting the interests of users.

As the token issued by Coinchase, CCH has been rated highly and endowed with various practical utility. In order to give back to the CCH community, Coinchase is committed to building the platform's hundredfold potential token to achieve common prosperity of the platform and users by creating dividends in line with the tendency of blockchain.

Besides, Coinchase enjoys unique edges and a strong ecological closed-loop system:

1. Revolutionary Introduction of “Break and Return” Insurance

After the crowd-funding of the project is launched on Coinchase, the average price of ETH in the next 48 hours will be calculated from the first list on the exchange. If the price is lower than that of the crowd-funding, members participating in the crowd-funding of the project on Coinchase can choose to return ETH at the crowd-funding price on Coinchase without any fees.

2. Substantial landing applications

Coinchase Eco-Service consists of blockchain project public sale, cryptocurrency savings and loans and blockchain games. The landing of these applications has created a safety barrier for investors.

3. Selection of high-quality projects

Coinchase has always adhered to the development concept of building high-quality projects, and a batch of high-quality landing application projects have been launched. At the same time, by tracking and analyzing hundreds of blockchain projects combined with nearly two years of blockchain practice experience, Coinchase has set up a blockchain asset evaluation system to select worthy potential projects. Whether it is IEO or any other crowd-funding model, Coinchase believes that it is the responsibility of the platform to rigorously select the online currency.

4. Clear and sustainable profitability for users

At present, the actual number of registered users has exceeded 600,000, and more than 20 languages. According to official figures, Opennity Launchpad returns 1,150%, Armors Launchpad returns 329% and Lambda returns 2,878.8%. The huge number of users and trading volume provide a full guarantee and support for the platform token.

5. Upcoming membership model

Users are able to obtain membership at a certain cost, resulting in a deep binding relationship with the platform. Meanwhile, the platform makes members the first loyal fans and the biggest beneficiaries of the platform through continuous upgrading of services, which is a mutually beneficial relationship.

Although Coinchase is yet in its infancy, there is still a long way ahead. Some of the emerging trends and potentials that are being revealed have demonstrated its important value in the future. The Coinchase platform will work with all users and participants in an effort to create a hundredfold potential token and a blockchain ecosystem.

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