Geeks On Site Creates A Contest And Awareness

Computer repair company seeks funny pictures from charitable 501(c)(3) organizations.

Geeks On Site just launched their Charitable Donations Program, to reach out to organizations that help others, 501(c)(3) organizations to be specific. And, with all the buzz around networking (social and otherwise) going on these days- Geeks on Site decided to create a forum for networking, while also contributing to, not just one, but many good causes.

When organizations apply for a donation, on the Geeks On Site website, they are also invited to join a photo contest. The company is requesting the photos be funny; be in the organizations' offices or wherever their benevolent efforts are being made; and they must display the Geeks On Site logo where it is clearly visible. As the silly photos are posted the company hopes for two things: first, that lesser known charitable organizations can receive more attention (dare we say promotion?) thru having their organization's name and picture on the Geeks On Site website and in the Geeks On Site blog and; secondly, smaller organizations may find each other, and discover by collaborating they can achieve more for their causes.

"It is a win-win," says George Otte, Geeks On Site owner and president, "We have always been happy to offer our services to worthy causes, and now we are creating the quarterly photo contests to make it even more interesting and fun."

Geeks On Site staff are excited about the new charitable donations program, and are eager to see the photo entries. "I think we will do well getting responses, based on the past results of competitions we hosted for our existing customers," Geeks On Site Public Relations Director, Erica Kirschbaum says, "I am thrilled about the Charitable Donations program, it is very satisfying to know the company can make a real impact simply by doing what we love to do: taking care of our customers through professional, efficient computer support."