Geeks Gone Good: Geeks On Site's Charitable Donations Program

Geeks On Site is revamping the way they donate to charities. They have created a program in which interested 501(c)(3) organizations can apply to be eligible to receive a free computer clean-up.

Geeks On Site President George Otte is passionate about assisting his loyal customer base, but he is equally devoted to donating services to those who spend their time helping others. This particular company has always been interested in giving back to the communities in which they service customers. Since they have technicians all over the country, the word "community" is used loosely and basically consists of the entire continental U.S.

In the past, Geeks On Site simply donated services as requests came in, and many donations were made due to word of mouth. However, in the last few months they have constructed a more formal program to better reach out to those who need IT support to keep the administrative tasks the charities perform running smoothly.

Geeks On Site offers 501(c)(3) organizations the opportunity to apply for a donation of up to 3 Flat Fee Tune-ups. These "tune-ups" consist of adware and spyware clean up, computer virus protection and updates just to name a few.

Organizations can also receive a special rate- provided they show proof of a tax ID number. They must simply go to and they will find complete information on how to apply for a donation, an application to download, and the terms and conditions.